Blighted harvest drives olive oil price pressures

BEJA, Portugal - If your favorite bottle of Mediterranean olive oil starts costing more, blame unseasonable European weather - and tiny insects.High spring temperatures, a cool summer...

WWII book details story of 'First SEALS'

...seaborne clandestine missions in the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean theaters of World War II. Their story is told in a book...parachute training, a must for any OSS operator. Once in the Mediterranean Theater, his detachment was assigned to the British Eighth...

Tiny Gibraltar faces herculean task against World Cup champion Germany

...Chipolina, 31, spends much of his time patrolling the borders of the sunny British outpost at the entrance of the Mediterranean Sea, where he's tasked with stopping drug smugglers. On Friday, he'll need to stop Thomas Mueller and Toni Kroos...

Zoes Kitchen coming to Augusta's Washington Crossing shopping center

A fast-casual Mediterranean chain new to the Augusta market is the latest addition announced for the Washington Crossing shopping center.Construction of...

Pizza Hut's revamp: Curry crusts, balsamic drizzle

...Standard toppings are also being renamed to make them more appealing; black olives, for instance, will be called "Mediterranean black olives" and red onions will be renamed "fresh red onions," although the ingredients are the same.The chain's...

Be adventurous at Laziza Mediterranean Grill

...the exotic food restaurant of Laziza Mediterranean Grill. It's no ordinary food joint...Nader Khatib, co-owner of Laziza Mediterranean Grill, explained about the restaurant...delicious. The grill serves Greek, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, vegetarian and vegan...

Ebola checks at Savannah port

...Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. Gabe Somma. "... There were no health concerns."The Atlantic Pendant, a cargo ship from the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus, sailed from Lagos on Sept. 28. According to information from the Centers for Disease Control...

Laziza Mediterranean Grill food truck begins business at GRU

Laziza Mediterranean Grill is the latest business to jump on the food truck bandwagon, but it has a captive market in Georgia Regents University...

Mediterranean vegetables glow with color, nutrition

...TEL-AVIV, Israel - If you were to think of "Mediterranean" vegetables, what comes to mind? Ripe...much as in the sunny countries around the Mediterranean. With the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet receiving so much acclaim these days...

Bold Mediterranean flavors help beat winter's doldrums

...the sunny, sparkling flavors of the Mediterranean revive winter-depressed spirits just...dishes evocative of sun-drenched Mediterranean summers can be replicated in your kitchen...warmer weather to come. Exploring Mediterranean cuisines was the goal of The Culinary...