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Shopgirl: Uber is in Augusta to stay

...and rustic stripes showing up. No matter the price point, you can find something that evokes the feeling of Mediterranean beaches or a farmers market Saturday.Old Navy has a striped, linen-blend dress that hangs really well and is only...
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...tourism would be submitted to parliament this month. Tourism is a vital industry in Greece, where vacations to Mediterranean beaches and ancient monuments comprise 18 percent of the country's gross domestic product. "It is inexcusable for...
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Euro marks beginning of a new era in Europe

...more of the continent without having to worry about national monetary fluctuations. As Europeans from Spain's Mediterranean beaches to Finland's frozen tundra prepared for the euro, it was clear some bumpiness was persisting in the historic...

...cities vie for America's Cup The Portuguese are relying on Atlantic winds. The Spanish say spectators on their Mediterranean beaches could see the races. The French would bring a populist spin to yachting. Italy is offering a city built for...
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