Appeal hearing over Columbia County hospital ends

...given that preference based on the fact that a higher percentage of its care goes to indigent and charity care and to serving Medicare and Medicaid patients, said Ed Burr, its senior vice president for legal affairs.University also said the department should...

Usher the return of the citizen legislator by imposing term limits

...up an $18 trillion debt. We face more than $100 trillion in future unfunded liabilities ? related to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, federal pensions and interest on the debt.Not only is the economy struggling, but Washington's constant power...

Supreme Court upholds health care law

...re-election campaign, when the president was touting the largest expansion of the social safety net since the advent of Medicare nearly a half-century earlier. But at the time, promised benefits of the Affordable Care Act were mostly in the future...

University Hospital violation caused by officer, report states

...appeal that penalty.The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Re gion 4 Office...terminate University's participation in the Medicare program and sets a date of May 28 unless...result of these activities."Still, the Medicare agency found it to be a failure to provide...

Unhappy homes

...were deemed "below average" as of May by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ? with six of those homes getting...2008. It can be found on the Nursing Home Compare website at medicare.gov/nursinghomecompare.Under the old system, nursing...

Appeal begins in Columbia County hospital

...charity care as well as the most service to Medicare and Medicaid patients as a percentage...percent of University's admissions were Medicare, 13.4 percent were Medicaid and 10...charity care, compared to 32.6 percent Medicare for GRMC, 27.1 percent Medicaid and...

Docs hate cyber red tape

...health record as a factor for physician dissatisfaction, stemming from added expense, distraction from direct patient care and Medicare reimbursement penalties. But, for a change, Krauthammer does not take his argument far enough.The downsides of EHRs have...

Allen to hold office hours in Grovetown

...release.Christine Rhodes, constituent services representative for Allen, will be available to assist with a number of federal issues, including problems with federal agencies, such as Social Security, Veterans Affairs and Medicare.

Nearly half of nursing homes in Augusta area rated below average

...deemed below average by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.Nine of the 20...October, inspectors for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services found 47 deficiencies...the Inspector Gen eral, 22 percent of Medicare patients in short-term nursing home...

Seeing waste: Many Medicare patients given needless tests before cataract surgery, study finds

...ultra-safe eye procedure is costing them and Medicare a bundle, and many patients don't know...co-insurance ? usually 20 percent under Medicare, said one study leader, Dr. R. Adams...Major studies found that about half of Medicare recipients were getting such tests before...