Defensive tackle grateful for spot on Bengals' practice squad

...the final roster reduction a week ago. The Bengals signed him to the practice squad, which allows him to keep his medical insurance and get paid even though he won't get to play in games.His 4-year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer...

Prosecutors say A-Rod paid off his cousin

...desired.As part of the settlement, court records show Rodriguez is also spending up to $300,000 to provide medical insurance for Sucart and his family for five years. He also provided Sucart with a 2009 Chevrolet Suburban and the right to...

Lawyer: Alex Rodriguez told federal investigators he used steroids

...reportedIn their filing, prosecutors said Rodriguez paid Sucart $900,000 and provided him and his family with medical insurance, a vehicle and a house in return for Sucart's silence regarding Rodriguez's use of banned substances.According...

How to solve seat belt argument

...contract saying they will neither request nor accept medical attention they cannot pay for through personal funds or medical insurance. When they run out of money they are ejected from the medical facility. Have said individuals sign uniform organ...

Opinion columns
Rants & Raves

...casually of the Big Bang theory of creation as though that it were fact? AMERICAN POLITICIANS and big media speak of medical insurance like it's a constitutional right, which of course, it isn't. But it is straight out of Lenin's play book...

Freedom shouldn't fade

...of Health and Human Services, which has required that they include abortion-inducing drugs in their employees' medical insurance coverage.The U.S. Supreme Court agreed last week to consider the Hobby Lobby case, as well as a similar one...

Your Money: If disaster strikes are you prepared financially?

...ready if a disaster should strike without warning:Forms of Identification: These include driver's licenses, medical insurance cards, Social Security cards, passports and birth certificates. While it is best to have originals, it is also...

SRS Retirees Association to meet April 23 in Aiken

...plan on January 1, 2013. Post-65 retirees and their spouses are now required to purchase individual, commercial medical insurance policies. The contractor has provided a stipend to retirees and their spouses to purchase these policies and has...

Experts give tips on how to stay protected from identity theft

...were exposed, revealing Social Security numbers, credit and debit card information, financial account numbers, medical insurance numbers and other sensitive material.Two weeks ago, officials with Phoebe Putney Hospital in Albany, Ga., began...

Money doesn't grow on trees

...working, and how much in taxes are we paying? Every government regulation concerning wages, working conditions, medical insurance, vacation, sick pay, maternity pay, etc., affects how many jobs are available.Gil MullinsAiken, S.C.