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Health-care mandate is unhealthy for religious expression

...Catholic caregivers an exemption to the birth-control requirement. Instead, they discovered what could be a new medical disorder: bureaucratic deafness. NOW, FEDERAL lawsuits have been filed around the country by 43 Catholic dioceses, universities...
Agency assists needy

...termination are those who are going to be hardest to place on jobs because of substance abuse problems, illiteracy or medical disorders, said DFCS Director Linda Johnson. Assessments at the Blitz sessions will help detect the remaining barriers...
Study: Mentally ill get different heart treatment

...important issue, and that is, are people treated differently medically as a result of something other than the medical disorder?" "It doesn't really answer the question," he said. "It puts it on the radar screen as an important issue...
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Worker disputes job loss

...the site in 1985 and was given satisfactory evaluations. In 1990, Mr. Ritter was diagnosed with narcolepsy, a medical disorder characterized by sudden attacks of deep sleep. He began receiving treatment for it and notified Westinghouse of...
FDA examines new use for risky drug

...two-day meeting Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss the benefits and risks of using the drug for a growing list of medical disorders. Scientists are predicting that the drug may be recommended for a narrow range of medical conditions and not the...
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Thermally incompatible couples endure winters of discontent

...than men. Female hormones are not as warming as male ones." Factors such as weight, body composition and a few medical disorders, such as poor circulation, can affect the way individuals experience temperature, he says. "In extreme cases...
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Man sentenced to 10 years in death of son

...reasoning for allowing Mr. Lockhart to plead guilty to the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter. Because of the medical disorder, when the boy was beaten, fat cells below the skin were broken up and released into the bloodstream, and they...