Shopgirl: Lumoid lets you try wearable technology on for size

...feed is about to get the royal treatment ? Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry are finally on the social media outlet as @kensingtonroyal.They already have upwards of 15,000 followers, even though the photos so far have been a little...

Blue lives matter

...Martin Luther King Jr., on whose good works and calls for peaceful change they now trample.No self-respecting media outlet should be a party to this destructive force. It may take years to undo the damage they've already done by encouraging...

Cigarette maker considered buying media outlet to improve image

...nation's largest cigarette maker considered buying a media outlet such as Knight Ridder or United Press International...part of it. The only way to do this is to own a major media outlet. If we are not willing to take this step, then we...

Michaux: No winners, only losers, in Gurley's suspension

...Mark Richt's; not the NCAA's; and not Bryan Allen's ? the memorabilia rat who offered up the story to any media outlet that would listen (and possibly pay) for his incriminating info. Allen turned out to be the first person in the nation...

The 'other side of Augusta' is like your city

...you know what that means.That's right: A major media outlet somewhere is working on its (insert Stone Phillips...though, where you are being interviewed by a national media outlet and you have a concern they are working on a (come...

Rotten to the core

...ancient civilizations, for example.And some lessons are too esoteric; one special-education teacher told a national media outlet that one of her students' tasks was to draw a picture of the word "nobody."Educators and parents have long complained...

Pistorius trial gives rare glimpse into South African justice system

...sentenced to life in prison in 1964. On the first day of the Pistorius trial, a small drone with cameras - presumably a media outlet's device to get ahead of the pack - buzzed past the majestic, 19th century structure in a melding of technology and...

Dogs 'muttbomb' celebrities to boost adoptions

...dogs if there are more temporary homes for them.Dallas Pets Alive's plan with muttbombing was to "hit every social media outlet we could," Sans said. "The idea was to make noise."

Dustin Johnson | The Masters

...Dustin Johnson has found an avenue to interact with his fans. The South Carolina native recently started using the social media outlet as a way to inform and chat with his 50,000-plus ... Johnson let down by putter Posted: 04/10/11 Coming...

How can we tell what's true?

...journalists by tapping their phones and watching their emails, especially James Rosen with Fox News, a conservative media outlet?What if the administration did know that millions of Americans would lose their insurance because of Obamacare but...