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Comcast to buy GE's stake in NBCUniversal for $16.7 billion, years early

...wireless spectrum gave it plenty of cash on hand. He also said Comcast got a good deal given that the stock price of media conglomerates has been rising."We thought that we would have to pay more later," he said. "We really have known we wanted...
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...billions of dollars each year. Vice President Joe Biden, several Cabinet secretaries and chief executives from media conglomerates and trade groups discussed ways to stem the growing piracy problem. Calling it a top priority, the Obama administration...
TV news in an age of big media: Just viewer come-ons?

...of the "multiplatform," synergistic focus of media conglomerates. It approached Lynch not as an interview subject...ever-greater consolidation in the media." Indeed, media conglomerates such as Viacom, Walt Disney Co. and News Corp...
Has Janet Jackson's display led to anything more than a tape delay?

...purposes with his demonstrated passion: letting media conglomerates grow bigger and more powerful. In this climate...Viacom - which is one of just a half-dozen ruling media conglomerates. What a great strategy, at least in theory...
A fresh look at funds as large-cap growth crouches for comeback

...relied on in the late '90s have lagged as well, including health care, specifically large-cap pharma, and media conglomerates. Adding to the imbalance is the outstanding performance of energy, traditionally the province of value investors...
Fox joining the crowded race to become reality TV headquarters

...Central said Fox had essentially taken their idea and ran with it. "When you get a validation from one of the big media conglomerates, it's flattering," said Larry Namer, head of Reality Central and a founder of the E! Entertainment network...
Viacom, CBS complete separation

...breakup of the empire he created was necessary to respond to a changing industry landscape. However, other large media conglomerates such as Time Warner Inc., The Walt Disney Co. and News Corp. have given no indication that they plan similarly...
Will ban on TV indecency turn into censorship?

...watching it.'" He looks for continued public pressure to buck the government-assisted trend toward bigger media conglomerates. And he expects more people to recognize that, however badly they may want to punish the media, censorship will...
Net effect: Old media, new technology and communications companies as online business transforms all three worlds. To a great extent, the mass media conglomerates are acting defensively. It is not merely that Web companies command rapidly developing new technologies that threaten...
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Are some child deaths more important?

...that ran the story of the 12-year-old white girl all day, every day -- but only a blip in local news (same media conglomerates) about the 8-year-old black girl. Antoine A. Burch, Augusta