Augusta Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha

...season, when Muslims make the hajj to Mecca. It also commemorates Abraham's willingness...of God that some of us could make it to Mecca for pilgrimage, and we remember the story...complete their hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca. Locally, Muslims have prayer and share...

Imam Mohammad Jamal Daoudi: In an age of violence, peace comes to those who believe

...languages to stand up and act. Prophet Jesus (peace be unto him) preached to love your enemy. Muhammad set all his enemies of Mecca free when he had the power over them, as many apostles of God did. The perfect man is not an illusion, but a reality many...

Islamic Society of Augusta honors families who made pilgrimage to Mecca

...returned from the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca undertaken by all Muslims who are able...said.Most traveled to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia from Nov. 28...spent three days in Medina and nine days in Mecca. They visited the Kaaba, the most sacred...

Michaux: Evans native Brian Tillman climbing ranks in beach volleyball

...the list.The 56th Manhattan Beach Open, the longest continuous running tournament in beach volleyball and considered the mecca of the sport, took place this weekend and 34-year-old Evans native Brian Tillman was one of the 64 men in the 32-team...

Las Vegas, Quebec City submit expansion bids to NHL

...billionaire businessman who has spent the past seven months exploring the level of interest for professional hockey in the gambling mecca. Quebecor, a Canadian media and telecommunications giant, submitted the bid for Quebec City, which previously served home...

Washington DC: Don't skip must-sees but take time to explore

...on Capitol Hill at Eastern Market, the city's oldest continually operated fresh food public market, or in the restaurant mecca along Barracks Row on Eighth Street SE. Spend Sunday afternoon at the Dacha Beer Garden in the newly cool Shaw neighborhood...

The evolution of an arts Mecca

...restaurants and shops. Williamsburg's evolution as an art Mecca is a familiar story in New York City real estate history. Driven...Williamsburg's future. "Do I ever think we'll not be an art Mecca? No. Do I think there is going to be a Starbucks here someday...

Area becoming shopping Mecca

...restaurants. The area off Bobby Jones Expressway near Wrightsboro and Wheeler roads has become a regional shopping hub -- a Mecca for thousands of consumers a day. Augusta Mall general manager Linda Hardin calls it "the critical mass of retail development...

Daytona has become a 'Motorsports mecca'

...the son of the founder and president of Daytona's parent company, International Speedway Corp. "He built a motorsports Mecca." Speed Weeks is more than three weeks of racing. It's a pilgrimage. It's where drivers chase their dreams, whether...

The Four Seasons: NY 'power lunch' mecca turns 50

...restaurant, the storied dining room that practically invented New York's concept of the "power lunch" -- a networking mecca of money, clout, good looks, even global spirituality. This year marks the 50th anniversary for the restaurant just off...