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Business owners in war-torn countries gain lessons in becoming more profitable

...was mentored in social media marketing and production at D'Artagnan, a Newark, N.J. seller of poultry and meat products. While networking, she solved her problem of packaging that tears and loses its vacuum seal when bones are inserted...
More than 200,000 pounds of frozen meat donated to Golden Harvest

...than 200,000 pounds of frozen meat products have been donated to Golden Harvest...chief development officer, said meat products are in high demand from the agencies...largest privately held processors of meat products in the U.S. The headquarters...
The Coupon Lady: You won't have coupons for everything

...In an online segment on the TLC Web site titled Couponing Tips With Mama June, she said: "There's not a lot of meat product coupons out there nowadays, so if you can find these, like, staple items, then you use that to provide the money...
Backpack program feeds pupils on weekends

...contains a variety of food, including prepackaged cereal, packaged milk, fruit juice, fruit cups and a canned-meat product. On the last school day of the week, the bags are secretly placed in the child's bookbag, Mr. Thompson said...
Richmond Neighbors
Sale means Castleberry's will close

...Foods Corp. Castleberry's Food Co. owner Connors Bros. Income Fund announced Tuesday that it found a buyer for its meat products division. The facility on 15th Street was not part of the deal and will close after a 60-day transition. The closure...
Metro | Deke Copenhaver
Castleberry expands canned meat recall to more than 90 brands after botulism scare

...expanded its recall of canned meat products that may be connected to a botulism...stew, corned beef hash and other meat products in addition to the 10 brands it...sauce, hash and other canned meat products since the Food and Drug Administration...
Cooking for Fido and Fluffy

...and grapes - Avocado - Hops (used in home brewing) - Fatty foods - Bones - Milk - Raw eggs - Raw or undercooked meat - Products containing the sweetener xylitol Copyright 2007 The Associated Press.
Odds and Ends

...Vienna sausages and my love for state services," confessed Olympia lobbyist Lauren Moughon, who called the canned meat product a "guilty, guilty pleasure." With a budget shortfall of $1.6 billion for the upcoming two-year budget cycle...
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Possible mad cow case found

...animal feed from Canada. -Aug. 9: The United States announces it will resume imports of some Canadian boneless meat products and game animals by month's end. -Sept. 11: Truckloads of Canadian beef cross U.S. border for first time since...
More trading partners ban imports of U.S. chickens

...imports from the United States, while Mexico banned most U.S. imports. The three nations bought U.S. poultry meat products totaling $340 million last year, nearly 20 percent of the $1.8 billion worth of such exports by American producers...