Pop Rocks: As arts festival grows, so does need for better flow

...provide a roadmap for organizers to move more effectively forward.If this were Jurassic Park, Jeff Goldblum would back me up on this. As it's the Arts In the Heart of Augusta festival, you'll just have to take my word for it.Please, make...

Devin Hester breaks friend's record

...a sign of good things to come. I am very happy to be here, happy that the Atlanta Falcons organization decided to pick me up as a free agent."He was also pursued by the Buccaneers, who are now led by former Bears coach Lovie Smith.If Sanders...

Dine & Dish: Don't miss the treats at Arts in the Heart

...They're available as a combo over rice with a spring roll. Try the Thai tea or coffee, both rich and creamy, for a pick-me-up. TURKEY. For another spin on Mediterranean cuisine, head to Turkey. Its doner/schwarma wrap or chicken wrap is lightly...

Chain saw cuts Greg Norman

...everything as calmly as I could. There is no major damage. There is nerve damage, but no muscular damage. They fixed me up and here I am."He posted a photo on Instagram from the hospital bed of his heavily bandaged left hand protected by a...

Rants & Raves

...to go and things to do and have to be places on time. I do not have the time for people whom I pay to stop me and hold me up. I am a law-abiding citizen and I have never smoked or drunk in my life, and I don't do drugs. Stopping me and asking...

UGA legend Magill remembered by friends

...game where Coach hasn't been here," he said. "It's those little things that keep getting to me, that keep shaking me up. There won't be anything easy about walking into Sanford this weekend. I'll be one of many shedding a tear."

Verdict in murder trial of Oscar Pistorius scheduled for Sept. 11

...his part. Friday's message read:"Thank you to my loved ones and those that have been there for me, who have picked me up and helped me through everything."Pistorius, who has been free on bail, sat calmly on a bench Friday behind his lawyer...

Roberson 'thankful' for time on the Richmond County Board of Education

...scholarships to complete his degree. "I didn't have a car, so my aunt dropped me off and picked me up every afternoon. When I would wait for her to pick me up, I spent time in the library studying," Roberson said. "I had no money for lunch, so...

Ferguson: Wie, Lewis share friendship amid budding rivalry

...No. 1 spot on the money list, raising curiosity about a budding rivalry."I feel very honored that people are putting me up against Stacy ? No. 1 in the world, obviously," Wie said. "I don't think you'll find a rivalry where we hate each...

The Way We Were: 1960s Augusta

...a pitcher, asked my help in buying his sister a birthday present. She was about my size and he asked if he could pick me up from work and go downtown to find her something.I knew Mother would not allow me to go off with someone she didn't know...