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- Sean Collett was the top loan producer in units at Rhodes Financial Mortgage in February. Linda Walker was the top volume producer in February.
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Research tracks protein to find Alzheimer's cause

Medical science couldn't prevent David Black's infant son from contracting polio in the 1950s. But Mr. Black was still willing to volunteer his blood to help researchers at the Augusta VA who are looking at proteins they believe are implicated in Alzheimer's disease.
Researchers find helpful nicotine byproduct

Imagine a nicotine product that improves memory and protects brain cells without causing addiction.
Families assist MCG Alzheimer's study

Jinny Gallahar hardly seemed to notice the blood being drawn out of her left arm. It is a small thing, she said, to perhaps provide a clue as to why her 72-year-old father is developing memory problems that could be Alzheimer's disease.
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