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Helen Blocker-Adams entering 2014 Augusta mayoral race

...leadership spot.In an e-mail Tuesday, Blocker-Adams confirmed to The Augusta Chronicle she will run in the 2014 mayoral race. She plans to make a formal public announcement in coming weeks.Blocker-Adams narrowly missed out on a mayoral...
Mayoral race buried deep on ballot

...first thing on the mind of Augusta voters will actually be the last thing they see. Because of state law, the Augusta mayoral race is actually the last page of the 12-page ballot Tuesday, and election officials are urging voters to be prepared...
Newsman considers mayoral race

...until they see that he actively is pursuing public office, which will be around summertime when the pace of Augusta's mayoral race picks up. Mr. Young said he isn't a declared candidate yet and talks of him getting off the air are premature...
Top stories of 2014: Augusta mayor's race historic, controversial

Hardie Davis is still waiting to take office after winning a mayoral race that featured no white candidates and saw one of his opponents drop out the day before the election.
Issues in focus at debate

Augusta's mayoral race became a verbal boxing match Saturday. At a forum hosted by the Richmond...voters he had surrendered his career as a news anchor to enter the mayoral race, Mr. Todd said he also had given up his job to run for the office...
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Poll shows McIntyre leading

Augusta's mayoral race is divided along racial lines, with...wild card" vote makes this year's mayoral race anyone's to be won, particularly...of undecided voters in the Augusta mayoral race. From 5 to 6 p.m. Sunday, Channel...
Hopefuls focus on economy

The front-runners in Augusta's mayoral race canvassed the city Tuesday, with each saying, among other things, that if elected he would unify various business development...
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Blocker-Adams still officially in Augusta mayoral race

Helen Blocker-Adams, who suspended her mayoral campaign Thursday, had not filed the notarized affidavit required to officially withdraw her candidacy by end of business Friday at the Richmond County Board of Elections.
Mayor should be decent

The Augusta mayoral race is not a reality show. Augusta voters must remember they are electing a government leader, not a buffoonish, reality-show...
Poll shows Hardie Davis leading Augusta mayor's race

Hardie Davis is the frontrunner in the Augusta mayoral race, according to a poll conducted for The Augusta Chronicle.Thirty-six percent of voters polled by Atlanta polling firm InsiderAdvantage...