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Republican Rick Osbon defeats Democrat Lessie B. Price in Aiken mayoral race

Osbon, a Republican businessman, handily defeated Democratic candidate and longtime city councilwoman Lessie B. Price by a 65 percent (4,840 votes) to 35 percent (2,624 votes) margin.
Poll shows Hardie Davis leading Augusta mayor's race

Hardie Davis is the frontrunner in the Augusta mayoral race, according to a poll conducted for The Augusta Chronicle.Thirty-six percent of voters polled by Atlanta polling firm InsiderAdvantage...
With race as an eventual underlying issue, which candidate can best sway the majority?

...from the religious community. And I think everybody in Augusta has heard of Helen Blocker-Adams.If winning the mayoral race depends on name recognition, Helen should win by a landslide. She certainly has taken every opportunity to cover the...
Top stories of 2014: Augusta mayor's race historic, controversial

Hardie Davis is still waiting to take office after winning a mayoral race that featured no white candidates and saw one of his opponents drop out the day before the election.
Mayor should be decent

The Augusta mayoral race is not a reality show. Augusta voters must remember they are electing a government leader, not a buffoonish, reality-show...
Blocker-Adams still officially in Augusta mayoral race

Helen Blocker-Adams, who suspended her mayoral campaign Thursday, had not filed the notarized affidavit required to officially withdraw her candidacy by end of business Friday at the Richmond County Board of Elections.
Election moves forward without Blocker-Adams

Helen Blocker-Adams has withdrawn from the Augusta mayoral race, Augusta-Richmond County Elections Director Lynn Bailey said Monday.
The 'Powers' of Augusta Mayor

All of the hullabaloo (I've always liked that word) over the upcoming Augusta mayoral race has me wondering what exactly the mayor does or is supposed to do. I've read the platforms of those seeking the office, and...
Files are gone, but questions remain

...admitted deleting everything from his work computer.On Tuesday morning, Russell's campaign manager in the Augusta mayoral race said Russell is no longer running.The biggest question, of course, is: Why did he do it? Why did Russell wipe...
Rants & Raves

Comments from readers: ALVIN MASON, please withdraw from the mayoral race. You have done nothing on the Augusta Commission; what makes you think you can run the city of Augusta? THE ALLENS HAVE always...