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No savings, more fights

...Sue Burmeister releases a draft version of a bill that would restructure Augusta's government, giving the mayor and city administrator more power while diluting the voting flexibility of commissioners. FEB. 13, 2003: The Augusta Metro Chamber...
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What needs to happen

Augusta's pie appears to have just gotten smaller. So what will our leaders do? See about making more pie?
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Group to vote on project

...that other city employees - such as the Finance Department, Human Resources Department, and offices of the mayor and city administrator - relocate. Where that relocation will be to, however, is still uncertain. Although it took years to determine...
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Vision for Augusta comes into focus

"What do you want Augusta to look like in 10 years?" Would it have more libraries? More walking trails? State-of-the-art buildings fronted by bustling sidewalks, or theaters packed with spectators?
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City closer to judicial complex

...that other city employees - such as the finance department, human resources department and offices of the mayor and city administrator - relocate. Finding the money to fund that and other downtown projects is expected to be a contentious topic...
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Charter panel drops key plans

...members said they could not support changes to the power-sharing arrangement among the Augusta Commission, mayor and city administrator. White committee members said they were surprised and frustrated by Tuesday's events, particularly because...
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Handy paid enough

...specifically, to strengthen his post. He says it doesn't pay him enough or give him enough to do. With the mayor and city administrator already receiving full-time salaries, what's left for an assistant mayor to do anyway? Not much more...
Rants & Raves

...who's attacking women? Obama. RANT TO THE CITY OF Harlem. The city needs new management, chief of police, mayor and city administrator. Someone with a backbone and who is honest. HOORAY FOR LITTLE pink houses. John Mellencamp is smiling...
Prayers needed for city officials

...railed. Eight days later, after a flurry of e-mails and phone conversations between chamber officials, the mayor and City Administrator George Kolb - both of whom determined that bucking the state's biggest City Hall was a bad idea - the plug...
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Leaders give OK for city to build

...Ulmer Bridges, citing the city's finance, human resources and tax-related departments. The office of the mayor and city administrator also will be displaced by the courts complex once it nears completion. Several weeks ago, commissioners voted...
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