Gubernatorial candidates blast opponents

...business with the salvage yard he owned. Deal resigned from Congress before the committee issued a final report saying Deal "may have" violated rules and standards of conduct.Deal questioned why state and local Democrats in DeKalb County haven't given...

Financial market turmoil creates a tempting opportunity for mortgage refinancers

...Treasury yield, which fell below 2 percent for the first time since May 2013.Ultra-low rates do carry risks as well as opportunities...is dropping enough that it more than offsets whatever fees you may be paying," Kalman said.Refinancing from a 5.5 percent...

Here's a few Ryder Cup suggestions

...suggestions for what could help the U.S. side bring a little more balance to the biennial proceedings.Some of these ideas may be a little more ambitious than they want to consider, but after losing threein a row, eight of the past 10, and 11 of the...

2012 trade for James Shields sent Royals on way

...James Shields.The franchise had long suffered through a forgettable cast of starting pitchers, from Jay Witasick to Darrell May to Runelvys Hernandez. Hot prospects flamed out. Free agents fizzled. And every year, the Royals languished near the AL Central...

Old vs. new: What actions will be required of Augusta's next mayor?

...one. Former Georgia state Sen. Charles Walker, whatever one may think of him, showed black elected officials how to be a politician...quid pro quo. In fact, his very profession, the ministry, may very well work as a disadvantage. Unless he is willing to get...

Georgia's rural hospitals teeter as solutions are debated

...the payments are low "that Medicaid reimbursement is so much better than zero," Sweeney said.Medicaid expansion would help, Lewis said.But "we have so may things going on in Georgia, this would not be the silver bullet," he said.

Georgia's defense dominates before taking foot off gas

...looked me off I saw the tight end run an arrow route and it was my job to be over the top so that's where I went."Richt may very well of hoped for more from his defense in the second half, but it's just the way the game goes sometimes."It was...

Georgia's Nick Chubb quiets Hog faithful

...Georgia defense, offensive line and his fellow running backs with their ability to contribute to the win.Gurley's suspension may have shocked the college football world, but Chubb's ability to fill the role hasn't surprised cornerback Damian Swann...

Timothy Peters ends drought with first Truck victory of the season

...fight with Brad Keselowski again in one of the final four races in the Chase for the Championship.Hamlin thinks those odds may be too high, especially after he and Keselowski wrestled briefly after last Saturday's race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway...

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