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Movie review: Be Cool

...record exec, some cops, a hit-man and the kitchen sink. It doesn't mean a thing, nor is it meant to., (904) 359-4082 Be Cool 2 stars out of 4 Who's it for? Fans of the original shouldn't consider...
Movie review: The Jacket

...believably puzzled and distraught Brody. She has more going for her, it's clear, than all that beauty., (904) 359-4082 The Jacket 2 1/2 stars out of 4 Who's it for? It's an OK night out for young...
Will this year's Oscars measure up?

...of the Rings trilogy his way, filming all three together down in New Zealand. Just imagine how many ways it could have gone wrong -- and how right it all went. Reach Matt Soergel at, (904) 359-4082
'Kinsey' is a candid look at groundbreaking scientist

...That's an obliviousness that would prove essential in taking him places where few would think to go., (904) 359-4082 Kinsey 3 stars out of 4 Who's it for? Those up for a smart, challenging biography...
Past heroism doesn't pay today's bills

...he's at." Gamble wants to remain there. He vows to rebuild the house with his hands - if he can somehow, someday, make enough money to get out of that hole in which he finds himself., (904) 359-4082
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'Trust the Man' doesn't quite cut it

...sentimental ending that's out of character with everything that's gone before. Reach Matt Soergel at, or by phone at (904) 359-4082 'TRUST THE MAN' Rating: 1/2 stars out of 4 Who's it for? It's...