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Cooling vest becomes hot commodity

...epiphany. Those men, working in heavy, hazardous material suits, could benefit from the cooling vest he invented...purchase the vests for people working in hazardous material suits. The Columbia County Sheriff's Office has ordered...
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Hospital reviews its work on train wreck

...warm water to shower off the lethal chemical. Nurses and aides in the decontamination unit donned yellow hazardous material suits. Mr. Moore compared the hospital's emergency response to the controlled chaos of a mobile Army surgical hospital...
General commends work of firefighters

...Williams showed Maj. Gen. Hicks pictures that crews took at the disaster scene. The pictures showed men in hazardous material suits near the wreck as daylight shined on the wreckage. One picture showed trees that looked as if they were covered in...
Metro | Savannah River Site
Experts: Rescuers could do little to save more lives

...the Graniteville-Vaucluse-Warrenville Fire Department were first on the scene, but weren't wearing hazardous material suits and had little training for dealing with the spill. Napier was overcome trying to reach the department's main headquarters...
Metro | Savannah River Site