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Foreign language? It's elementary

...I don't know about you, but as a taxpayer, I'm willing to do my part to save the Spanish at Stevens Creek, and work to introduce foreign language education in every CSRA elementary school. Bonne journe! Mary McLaughlin, Evans
College, industries join forces

...hoping to expand it for the health sciences careers," she said. "It puts students in a pipeline for success." Mary McLaughlin, the community relations coordinator for Bridgestone/Firestone, said the program has been popular at the plant...
Judge dismisses lawsuit against Iverson

...adorns a popular line of Reebok basketball shoes and is incorporated into other products. U.S. District Judge Mary McLaughlin ruled Blackmon and Iverson never entered a valid contract, and the nickname wasn't novel enough to support a legal...
Bridgestone/Firestone plant official is upbeat about future

Seven months pregnant, Mary McLaughlin has faith in the Firestone tires she has placed on her sport utility vehicle. The tires came from the Bridgestone/Firestone...
Safety book targets pre-schoolers

...and 4-year-old children on the importance of using safety seats and, when appropriate, safety belts, said Mary McLaughlin, a spokesman for Bridgestone/Firestone South Carolina. More than 100 area pre-schoolers joined Lt. Gov. Bob...
Aiken plant meets recall challenge

...been offered to explain the correlation between the Decatur plant and many of the tires in question. Closer to home Mary McLaughlin, spokeswoman for Bridgestone/Firestone South Carolina, confirmed that the Aiken plant has not been targeted in...
Tires from Aiken draw complaints made in Aiken. "We've received no complaints that any of our tires have malfunctioned," plant spokeswoman Mary McLaughlin said Tuesday. "We continue to make quality tires at our plant," she said. So far there has been no recall of...
Standing behind their work

...Westinghouse-Savannah River Site. He said he believes the recalled tires are safe, so safe that he still drives 70 mph on the recalled Radial ATX tires on his Ford Explorer. Company spokeswoman Mary McLaughlin also sat in on the interview.
Limits on water backed

...afternoon when a piece of equipment in the plant's mixing area overheated and sparked, causing light smoke, said Mary McLaughlin, the factory's community relations coordinator. Firefighters ran water hoses to the machine to cool the rubber...
Factory shipping first tires

...never left the plant. The plant has 466 employees to date and plans to keep hiring until the end of the year, said Mary McLaughlin, company spokeswoman. The plant is expected to employ 800 and reach peak production by April 1999. Bridgestone...
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