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A different Bush

...Economic Advisers, heads the governor's economic policy team. Another Reagan economic adviser, Harvard professor Martin Feldstein, also is on board. The Texas governor isn't shunning his father's old brain trust entirely. Condoleezza Rice...
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Military also has needs

...Journal article, Harvard economics professor and former chairman of President Reagan's Council of Economics Advisers Martin Feldstein, wrote, "The increase in government spending needs to be a short-term surge with greater outlays in 2009 and...
Cheney: making tax cuts permanent is critical for economy

...AFL-CIO, vowing to fight Bush's proposals on Social Security reform in Congress. Harvard economics professor Martin Feldstein, participating in a panel on current economic conditions, said he believes the country has emerged from the 2001...
U.S. recession began in March that he will be able to "sign it before Christmas." The NBER panel is composed of six economists including Martin Feldstein, who served as chairman of former President Reagan's Council of Economic Advisers. "The NBER's Business Cycle...