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Flowing water means life on Mars possible, scientists say

...lander set for liftoff in 2020 will do."The more evidence we find of (water), the more encouraged I am for future Mars missions," Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, the chairman of the House science, space and technology committee, said in a...
New studies show Mars has a violent and dry history

...produced by a sudden surge of rock fragments, salts and sulfides from a meteorite impact, Knauth said. In response, the Mars mission's principal investigator, Steven Squyres of Cornell University, said his team stands by its original interpretation...
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Researchers practice for possible Mars mission in Utah desert

...similar in a lot of ways." The goal of the habitats, participants say, is to stimulate public interest in manned Mars missions by replicating the potential experience on Earth. NASA doesn't directly sponsor or fund the habitats, but often...
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Mars mission planners coming to Atlanta

...Robert Braun, who has worked with NASA on previous Mars missions. "What we would like to do is use the moon as a science...the commission's goal is to build enthusiasm for a Mars mission, but it's been a tough sell with some who say there...
NASA rover drills into rock in search for evidence of water

...images show fine layering in the rock and mysterious BB-sized granules. Scientists involved in the $820 million Mars mission are mulling several theories of how the glossy, sandblasted rock formed, including volcanic eruptions, windblown...
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Mars mission enters full swing

PASADENA, Calif. -- NASA's twin rovers reached out their robotic arms to touch the surface of Mars on Monday, marking the first day of the joint $820 million mission that both spacecraft were in full swing.
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NASA rover rolls off lander and onto Mars

...days to unfold and ready itself. A few hours before the rover's big move, Vice President Dick Cheney toured the Mars mission control center and praised the staff as "America's most dedicated and successful scientists and researchers." His...
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Spirit stirs as NASA plots rover's course

...Really there is nothing left to do on the lander for Spirit, so tomorrow we are going to egress onto the surface of Mars," mission manager Jennifer Trosper said. Once Spirit is on the ground, it will take a parting photo of the inert lander with...
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NASA's Mars miracle Earth by Spirit are filling scientists - as well as the general public - with "shock and awe." To be sure, the Mars mission still has much to accomplish before it can be declared an unqualified success. But it's certainly off to an unqualified...
NASA braces for dangers of landing twin rovers on Mars

...Space Administration has taken pains to publicize the risk inherent in space exploration since the loss of the 1999 Mars missions, as well as of the space shuttle Columbia and its crew earlier this year. It has also beefed up oversight of how...
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