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There are times when we must refuse to compromise

Ministering as a marriage and family therapist, I spent a lot of time helping family members to learn how to accept feelings and then meet in the middle (compromise) with...
Gene Norris: Life is the hardest, and most rewarding, classroom

...chaplain, a chaplain in the National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve, chaplain in a retirement community and a marriage and family therapist.There is no medical problem, loss, or failure that cannot be overcome with God's help, the help of the...
OK to get angry, but keep control

...bad.Thus, I became a boring type person. By way of preparing me to become a licensed, clinically trained marriage and family therapist, I was freed to claim and express my feelings without sinning, which the Bible teaches us that there are...
Therapy, support, faith often keys to recovery

More often than not, marriages resemble that of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, said John Hill, a marriage and family therapist. "It's easy to watch it unfold on television and say that's not me, but there are an awful lot of people...
I do -- but not now

Jennifer Hood, 17, knew her 19-year-old boyfriend, Scott Boutwell, was serious when he gave her the ring. No, not an engagement ring, but a promise ring. They also have set a date, well, a year, 2013, when they want to get married.
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Gays get prepared to march

...United Methodist minister. "We're interested in making our voice known," said Leah Lake, a Columbia marriage and family therapist. "We all belong here; we're not different," she said. "We're just one human family with a lot of...
Honor roll

...has been reappointed to the South Carolina Board of Examiners for the Licensure of Professional Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists and Psycho-educational Specialists by Gov. Mark Sanford.Language honors The following high school students...
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MCG conducts abortion forum

...Church (U.S.A.) favored abortion rights, said Dr. Sid Gates, a Presbyterian minister and licensed marriage and family therapist who called abortion "a last resort." "Our tradition is not cavalier. This should not be a snap decision...
Counseling centers aid churches

...said Dr. Danny Garnett, of Irmo, S.C., the director of the nonprofit Community Care. He is a licensed marriage and family therapist and an ordained Baptist minister. "Get overinvolved and you will hurt your ministry," he said. Every Wednesday...
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Five questions with Dr. Russ Holloman

Dr. Holloman is a licensed marriage and family therapist and family counselor. He has been helping people with their relationships since 1976. His office is on Taft Drive in Evans...