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Altered schedule disputed

...your experimental child during whole language," Debby Balcer said, referring to her daughter. "Leave her alone." Mark Balcer said he wanted to see figures on what a block schedule would cost, not only in personnel but also in the cost of additional...
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Booster club's missing money sparks inquiry

...what happened to the missing money. "I think it's highly suspect," booster club member and former board member Mark Balcer said of the missing funds. "I think it's going to take a little bit of investigation to find some answers." The...
School traffic project hits snags in funding

...Ridge Drive so parents could let their children off before reaching the campuses. Relief couldn't come too soon for Mark Balcer, a Lakeside Middle and High School parent who has been pressuring the board to come up with a traffic solution. Though...
Area officials set guides for input the full 30 minutes, anybody who wants to can say anything in it. It has not seemed to be a problem." But for Mark Balcer, who's been attending board meetings for two years, that's a little too early. Mr. Balcer works at Savannah...
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Panel expected to OK arming school officers

...Hicks has said he's had difficulty gauging public opinion on the issue. And public input at meetings has been slim. Mark Balcer -- a parent who has followed discussions on the matter -- said he thinks the school system has a misperception of...
Metro | Columbia County Board of Education
Board proposes safety measure

...drew only a few people, and one parent urged board members to use caution before taking their final vote in January. Mark Balcer said the school system should concentrate more on training counselors and teachers to recognize troubled pupils before...
Metro | Columbia County Board of Education