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TV networks plan for a war that may - or may not - come

...situations and protect against chemical attack. "It's important because of the unknowns in this particular war," said Marcy McGinnis, senior vice president of news coverage at CBS. "One is the Daniel Pearl issue - one of the training bits they...
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Television networks must watch outside Madison Square Garden this week, too

...likely to be covered within regularly scheduled broadcasts like the "CBS Evening News" or "The Early Show," said Marcy McGinnis, CBS News senior vice president. "I think we owe it to our viewers to offer the same kind of Republican convention...
Networks plot coverage plans for Reagan funeral and other ceremonies

...major events like the funerals, broadcasters are judging their plans on what, as CBS News senior vice president Marcy McGinnis said, "feels right." At ABC, for example, major movements of the president's casket are usually the determining...
Some television networks to provide retrospectives

...advertisers want no part of the coverage. While acknowledging the risk that some people will consider it overboard, Marcy McGinnis, CBS senior vice president of news coverage, said: "I believe the way people will watch this will be in and out...
Network news: Incredible shrinking audience share

...going round-the-clock on the story and calling on every resource, boasts CBS News president Andrew Heyward. Marcy McGinnis, senior vice president for coverage at CBS News, says: "Is network news irrelevant? This one story proved it...
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Networks have prepared for a new pope selection

NEW YORK - With Pope John Paul II's health declining, CBS News executive Marcy McGinnis traveled to Rome to negotiate a 10-year lease for the rights to broadcast from the roof of a hotel overlooking St. Peter's...