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Atlanta's High features masterpieces of modern art

...horizontal and vertical lines to represent a seascape, a church or a busy city square.In a side gallery are works by Marcel Duchamp, whom Shapiro describes as probably the most radical artist in the exhibition. Most striking, perhaps is a wood...
Not everybody appreciates modern art

...In one gallery, my brother-in-law Steven quietly pulled me aside and pointed out Fountain, the signed urinal Marcel Duchamp first declared art in 1917. "Have you seen that," he asked. "I think someone pulled a fast one there, don't...
Year was full of interesting quotes

...history," said Elizabeth House, dean of the arts and sciences college. The inspiration for the work apparently was Marcel Duchamp, an artist known for calling a common urinal a work of art. Now that's leadership. Despite a year of mostly better...
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Professor's art causing controversy

...if it was created by a male or by a female? That was part of his intent." The example Dr. Rosen used is that of Marcel Duchamp, a pioneer of the Dada movement that called ordinary objects art. He is most famous for his Nude Descending a Staircase...
Amish country not known for its art

...the man known to friends as "Deem" began traveling regularly to Europe, where he became friends with dada artist Marcel Duchamp and American expatriate Gertrude Stein. Though his work was widely respected by the intelligentsia during his lifetime...