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Photographs illustrate history of Holocaust

...Holocaust in the 1930s and '40s is shrinking, as those who experienced the horror firsthand are succumbing to old age.Marc Gottlieb wants to make sure the Holocaust is not forgotten.As chairman of the Augusta Holocaust Remembrance Committee, he...
Jobless rate not likely to change

...Street showing solid gains, it's not hard to find financial cheerleaders forecasting a great year in the making. Marc Gottlieb isn't one of them, though. The Augusta resident and about 9 million other out-of-work Americans won't be...
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Ceremony lists victims' names

...on a day set aside to remember the Holocaust ever since 1951."I have such a problem reading those names," said Marc Gottlieb, the chairman of the Augusta Holocaust Remembrance Committee.Catholics, Protestants, Messianic Jews and members...
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Moss urges living legacy in speech

...people worshipping together is "a sight Dr. King would have loved to see in the Deep South during his time," said Marc Gottlieb, the president of the Congregation Children of Israel. The audience sang songs together, and listened to the Tabernacle...
Tradition keeps memory alive

...people lit candles in remembrance of those who resisted and aided Jews. It's important to note their age, said Marc Gottlieb, the chairman of the Augusta Holocaust Remembrance Committee. "It's important to remember the horrors," he said...
Center looks at hatred of past

...must be aware that (it) can happen and have the courage to believe that each person in this room can change that." Marc Gottlieb, a founding member of Beyond Stereotypes - a group that addresses prejudice, echoed that sentiment. "We have to...
Diversity makes the country strong

...separation of the public domain and private religious conviction. This country is no more Christian or Jewish than it is Moslem, Taoist or Hindu. It is just this factor that makes it the great country that it is. Marc Gottlieb, Augusta
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A tri-faith Thanksgiving

Reader Marc Gottlieb sent in these photos from the annual Tri-Faith Service of Thanksgiving, held at the Congregation Children of Israel Temple this...
School board allows Bible study to go on

Marc Gottlieb was outnumbered Thursday when he argued against a Bible program for two Richmond County schools. More than a dozen supporters...
Horrors: Christian clubs in school

I assume Marc Gottlieb's June 24 letter refers to the public school in Milford, N.Y., and the Good News Club, characterized as a group of aggressive...
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