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Pinehurst double dip in 2014 will be historic

PINEHURST, N.C. - Pinehurst is getting ready to make history next year with the first double-dip of U.S.Opens.
Thorpe pleads guilty to charges

Champions Tour golfer Jim Thorpe has pleaded guilty to failing to pay more than $2 million in income taxes.
Whirlwind ride goes on

Chris Paul spent his summer jetsetting all over the country and halfway around the world. Now, his journey from NBA unknown to budding star has taken the New Orleans Hornets to the top of the Western Conference standings.

The Augusta Junior Rowing Club faced some of the nation's top elite junior rowers Saturday at the Cincinnati Youth Invitational, with neither of Augusta's teams advancing to today's semifinals.
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Inflation settling in with improving economy

HARRISBURG, Pa. - After a decade of relatively tame prices, consumers are starting to feel the "ouch" of inflation as the cost of everything from coffee, candy and home appliances is marching higher.
Drug policies all over the map in sports

The incessant clash between doping and anti-doping forces ought to be staged as a tragedy in the ancient Greek theater on the Acropolis this summer.
Laboratory gears up for Winter Olympic Games

LOS ANGELES -- A drug-testing laboratory will be using millions of dollars' worth of scientific equipment to ensure that athletes in the 2002 Winter Olympics aren't using banned substances. The lab, which will be operating near Olympic Village in Salt Lake City, will screen the urine of the 2,500 athletes competing in the Games for nearly 400 substances banned by the International Olympic Committee.
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