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Book about weeds grows on you

...grow more than two feet in one year. Any sliver of stem grows into a new plant.Weeds flourish after natural and man-made disasters. After World War II, ragwort and other weeds took over sites laid bare by bombing, according to Mabey.But as...
Moral decay is a man-made disaster to "marry" one's dog. By reducing the Ten Commandments to mere suggestions, we are no longer "one nation under God," but a polarized nation in amoral chaos. Now, that's a man-made disaster! Paul W. Rosenthal Augusta
Does my interpretation really matter?

...represented in a model. So, why are forecasts different? First, forecasters cannot predict such events as natural or man-made disasters or oil disruptions, to name a few. In addition, how such events affect the economy is not known until later...
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Don't let disaster put you out of business

...function in the aftermath. Even if your business is not located in an area that is a likely target for a natural or man-made disaster, you need to be prepared for the unexpected with a comprehensive business continuation plan. Limiting the time...
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Bills proposed to avert disaster

...level," Mr. Day said. "We want to make sure our local elected officials are prepared if there's a natural or man-made disaster." And another proposal from Mr. Day would prohibit anyone from impersonating an emergency management agency or...
Fix the awful minimum tax

...been instrumental in keeping the economy humming in the face of wars, hurricanes, tsunamis and other natural and man-made disasters. Without assurances that the cuts will be extended, or even knowing what Washington's tax policy will be in...
Katrina's wake hits home

...accustomed to television reports of refugees around the world, routed from their homes and villages by natural or man-made disasters. The scenes are usually from some Third World country such as Bangladesh, Rwanda or Thailand. Now, such a human...
If we help others now, we may eliminate hate

...spread out far beyond the area first helped, until we have eliminated the hatred and revenge that have motivated man-made disasters. Give your children, grandchildren and your wife, husband or significant other an extra hug today. Richard Amundson...
Israeli doctor talks terror response a lot to learn from not only them but a lot of other people in the world in terms of preparing for natural and man-made disasters," Dr. Haburchak said. Reach Tom Corwin at (706) 823-3213 or
Riverwalk mud flats?

...She's right. Droughts are an act of nature that politicians can't stop. But what we face here is a potential man-made disaster that public officials are paid to prevent. Give them time and they will.
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