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Moral decay is a man-made disaster to "marry" one's dog. By reducing the Ten Commandments to mere suggestions, we are no longer "one nation under God," but a polarized nation in amoral chaos. Now, that's a man-made disaster! Paul W. Rosenthal Augusta
We'll lather, rinse, repeat on a grand scale if hurricane takes oil ashore

...hurricanes this summer on our Atlantic and Gulf coasts?What if a natural disaster such as a hurricane meets up with a man-made disaster such as the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? What if a Katrina-like storm shoves the largest oil spill in...
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Jail gets lesson in evacuation

...for small and large detention centers. Jails might need to be evacuated for everything from a natural hazard to a man-made disaster, even terrorist-related events, said Maj. James Murphy, the director of the emergency management agency for...
State reports 588,000 seeking jobs

...There are natural disasters and man-made disasters," Michael L. Thurmond said. "... We can respond to this man-made disaster in a way that limits the severity and the duration of this recession." Thurmond was addressing 100 or so people...
Bills proposed to avert disaster

...level," Mr. Day said. "We want to make sure our local elected officials are prepared if there's a natural or man-made disaster." And another proposal from Mr. Day would prohibit anyone from impersonating an emergency management agency or...
Riverwalk mud flats?

...She's right. Droughts are an act of nature that politicians can't stop. But what we face here is a potential man-made disaster that public officials are paid to prevent. Give them time and they will.
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Best way to protect your home: from the ground up

...or how about Enterprise, Ala., after its tornado earlier this year? We and other countries are creating a man-made disaster that too many officials simply blame on the forces of nature. We call the damage caused by hurricanes and floods...
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News you can use

...5-kilometer racewalk. For more information, call (803) 278-1896. SHUTTLE WARNING Within days of any natural or man-made disaster, the Better Business Bureau says, some people will attempt to take advantage of Americans' eagerness to assist...
Backing up data is just for starters

...building in such backups "would be cost-prohibitive for us to do on our own." In the event of a natural or man-made disaster, Centrics' operation could be shifted to one of Inflow's 17 other offices around the nation. Disaster planning...
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Medical team poised to help victims

...cost billions NEW YORK - The collapse of the World Trade Center is likely to become the nation's most expensive man-made disaster ever faced by the insurance industry. It also could lead to higher premiums and policies that restrict liability...