Malaria vaccine in milk a possibility

Mass production of an effective malaria vaccine might one day be accomplished...mice that could secrete an experimental malaria vaccine into their milk. But preliminary...be used as inexpensive, high-yield malaria vaccine "factories." "A vaccine must...

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Possible new vaccine fights malaria throughout its life cycle

...discovered a possible new way to vaccinate against malaria, one of the world's biggest killers. Malaria kills up to 3 million people a year and sickens...developing resistance to drugs used to treat malaria, and even mosquitos that spread the disease...

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Leaders cooperate to ward off malaria in Hispaniola

...aimed at eradicating the last vestiges of malaria from the islands of the Caribbean by 2020...Dominican Republic suffer each year from malaria, an illness that causes high fevers and...microscopes to help lab technicians diagnose malaria samples and motorbikes so field workers...

Turner to help churches fight malaria in Africa

...with Lutherans and Methodists to fight malaria in Africa, apologizing for his past criticism...news conference announcing the anti-malaria program. In the 1980s, the CNN founder...billion donation, launched the anti-malaria project with the Evangelical Lutheran...

DDT no solution to malaria

...for the death of tens of millions from malaria. He then uses this claim and others to...spraying (IRS) for control of vectors of malaria and visceral leishmaniasis. Spraying...dwellings repels mosquitoes that transmits the malaria parasite. Unfortunately, this also poisons...

One of the planet's deadliest killers is overlooked here

...half-billion people will be infected with malaria this year, with approximately 1,300 cases occurring in the United States.MALARIA, AN OLD World disease that many citizens...itself that same night.The range in which malaria has spread is startling considering that...

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Push made to better safeguard blood supply

...year on the slight chance they picked up malaria while traveling to any of dozens of countries...the nation's tight supply. First up, malaria: Next week, the Food and Drug Administration...with Americans' increasing travel to malaria hot spots, and to urge manufacturers...

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Pesky myths can be fatal

...crazy to call attention to the rising scourge of malaria plaguing the under-developed world. The Microsoft...Beach, Calif. -- in order to call attention to the malaria problem. "Malaria is spread by mosquitoes," Gates told the crowd...

Hawks activate Mutombo

ATLANTA -- After missing the first five games with of malaria, Atlanta Hawks center Dikembe Mutombo was activated by the...had two rebounds in two games. Mutombo was diagnosed with malaria last month after a trip to his native country, the Congo...

Researchers may have found link between typhoid, cystic fibrosis

...sickle-cell anemia protects against malaria. Now scientists find that a genetic mutation...tropical Africa, also protects against malaria, a constant danger in that region. Both...against severe diarrhea and typhoid. In malaria, carrying one sickle-cell mutation...

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