UFC star Ronda Rousey welcomes latest challenge

...that's another thing that really keeps me motivated," said Rousey, who hasn't...crossed the line and became truly personal for me."So Rousey (11-0) spent several weeks...Rousey's mother disapproves."She chewed me out," Rousey said. "She wants me to...

GreenJackets relief pitcher Tyler Cyr winds up on unusual path

...that's moving to Division II next year."For me to go there and enjoy the school side of things...Being a Giant, that was a huge excitement for me. Everyone was reaching out. It was awesome...been successful with and see if it works for me."

Trendy and calm: Adult coloring books selling like crazy

...Calm.Not that I've got much to show for my work. It took me more than two months to complete a single page of Splendid Cities...time-sensitive documents that I feared were lost. Coloring distracted me from worrying about something I couldn't control or fix.I...

Taylor: Like a parent, God is tough with us, but it's out of love

...God says, "The more I called them, the more they went from me ... It was I who taught the young, childish tribe of Ephraim...one who healed them. My people are bent on turning away from me. How can I give you up?"Do you hear the grief, the anguish...

Kirby: Time for readers to play the Augusta alphabet game

...third-graders to map their own Augusta alphabet.When finished, she put the 26 pages together into a "book" and sent it to me ? the first time my column has been so well illustrated.I even dropped by Blythe on the last day of school that year to thank...

The parent-kid pot talk from inside the industry

...3-year-old son."Even with legal marijuana, there was still a lot of trepidation," she said. "Is a neighbor going to report me because they see I have a child? But over the past year, things in Colorado have calmed down quite a bit as far as that goes...

Retired Aiken County superintendent Elizabeth Eve­ritt discusses district success, future

...professors (is someone) I have worked with before. He worked with principals, years ago, following principals, and he followed me when I was a new, young principal and we have kept in touch. (The project) is called Appre ciative Education. It's about...

SC Republicans seek Planned Parenthood audit

...fetal anomaly, could be approved after legislators return in January."I'm told to quit calling it a baby, that it's a mob of tissue," Nanney said. "Don't tell me that's not a human being when they can identify body parts."

New Falcons coach Dan Quinn shows off high-energy style on first day of training camp

...I was pleased. ... I like the mindset."Beasley, the first-round pick from Clemson, said "The heat kind of got to me" after he had cramping early in the practice. He was back on the field after stretching with a trainer."I think I did pretty...

Carolina Panthers' Cam Newton has a fresh outlook on life

...all too well it can be taken away in an instant. All he has to do is glance down at his left wrist."Every time a person sees me I just want them to admire my love for life above everything," Newton said. "Yeah, I love playing football. I love interacting...