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Weather uproots area greens

...and compromise with their course superintendents on playing conditions, which could include higher mowing heights. Slower greens are preferable to damaged or diseased greens, he said."There's no magic solution," Throssell said.
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Young gets A for his public image

...Let us tell you the Augusta story' -- trying to get our name out there. "We're doing what we can. There is no magic solution. But we've got to grow jobs. Meaningful jobs. Living wage jobs. People can make $25-$30 an hour. We've...
Teacher raises sought

...public support for teachers; and 2 percent said there wasn't enough parental interest. While money isn't the magic solution, the lack of it is driving many teachers from the classroom. A teacher with a bachelor's degree and no previous...
Research: Children need help

...these kids before they enter into the school system, but we have to reach them somehow. But I'm not sure what the magic solution is." The test, which the state began administering in 1979 to record the readiness of first-graders, is given...
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Resolving county's property tax system might be explored

...I don't see it happening between now and the end of the year," he said. "Not unless someone comes up with a magic solution that they haven't come up with in the last several years."
School crime upsets rivals

...she said. "They say we have programs like this. But they are not really working. I am not saying I have a magic (solution). I just know I want it to materialize. And I am willing to see how it can be done." Ms. Pulliam said she has...
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Targeted retirement funds are a simple solution, but not for everyone

...think they should," said Joel Javer, a certified financial planner in Denver. "People may be hoping there's a magic solution to investing ... but not everyone is going to be well-served by the same one-size fits all investment." On...
Superintendent to give Allendale plan

...workshops and special funding. But Allendale is proof that pouring money into a poor district isn't necessarily the magic solution -- test scores there are among the lowest in the state. Earlier this month the district was put on notice when an...
City plans refit of libraries can be stretched. It's not easy to make cuts because there's merit to every request. "I don't have any magic solution to this thing at all. It's just a matter of the commission saying that the library is a priority in the community...
Smaller school millage increase gets House OK

...educational technology; $6,050 for advertising vacant jobs; and $95,470 for testing. "More money is not a magic solution to all problems," Mr. Hadden said. "However, lack of adequate funding and resources is a serious disadvantage...
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