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Rants and raves

...give Ronnie Few a job no matter what? WE'RE ALL FAMILIAR with Hillary Clinton and her mess, but I would like to see Lynne Cheney become president. She is a nice lady, and so is Elizabeth Dole. I READ IN THE RANTS and Raves that people who smoke...
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Top TV official leaves Corporation for Public Broadcasting

...investigate the hiring of Pack, who they said, citing a New Yorker article, "was named a few weeks after he represented Lynne Cheney, the Vice President's wife, in a meeting with PBS to request a series of programs on which Mrs. Cheney would appear...
People in the News --- WASHINGTON (AP) - Forget Jeb or George Prescott or any of the other political men in the Bush family. Lynne Cheney says the next Bush president should be a woman. Cheney said some people think former first lady Sen. Hillary Clinton...
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Text of Bush's speech Wednesday night

...Clarence) Thomas and so many respected writers and policy experts. I'm always happy to see your senior fellow, Dr. Lynne Cheney. Lynne is a wise and thoughtful commentator on history and culture and a dear friend to Laura and me. I'm also familiar...
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GOP convention is online

...We don't feel ghettoized, which I think we were all expecting," says Kerry Lauerman, as he reviews a story on Lynne Cheney. And in the America Online skybox, CNN's Larry King chats about Colin Powell with an AOL anchor, as users give...
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