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...Susan McCord By Travis Highfield By Jim Thompson By Susan McCord Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015 President Lyndon Johnson had every reason to feel confident about his campaign stop in Augusta 50 years ago this week. Then he was heckled...

Voting law outdated

...and his people required to vote under such an act.In 1965, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was with President Lyndon Johnson when he signed the Voting Rights Act, a document that said if you are black and were born an American, you can now...

Displeasure Cruz

...charismatic Goldwater after being duped into thinking he was an extremist, resulting in the 1964 election of Democrat Lyndon Johnson, who would go on to create the ruinous Great Society programs that today embody the failure of big-government liberalism...

Augusta's grip on LBJ apparently hurt

...his hand?That is a small mystery about President Lyndon Johnson's Oct. 26, 1964, visit to Augusta.Sometime...Oct. 24 and Oct. 27."So we might speculate that Lyndon Johnson, one of the physically largest presidents in American...

LBJ's unfortunate Augusta visit

President Lyndon Johnson had every reason to feel confident...easily trounce the Arizona Republican.Lyndon Johnson, however, would not carry Richmond...Richmond County nor Georgia voted in the Lyndon Johnson national majority. Goldwater took...

Event honors career of Georgian Senator Walter F. George

...postage stamp. He was celebrated for his political eloquence, when he made a Senate speech, future president Lyndon Johnson was said to always make sure he was there to listen. And Walter F. George knew politics. Mercer University law...

Public broadcasting wars

Ever since its inception in 1967 under the Lyndon Johnson administration, conservative critics have correctly...off as a "distinguished journalist," Moyers was Lyndon Johnson's hatchet-man who earned his hard-left stripes...

Brown is not alone in Swainsboro plans

...Swainsboro linebacker Curtis Fann and quarterback Lyndon Johnson. "Dante brings them through, and he hasn't let...TB Dante Brown (Sr., (Sr., 6-3, 205); QB Lyndon Johnson (Jr., 6-3, 175); FB Larry Harper (Sr...

High school
Liberals helped more

...the flooding every spring, and built dams to produce electricity that helped industrialize the South. President Lyndon Johnson was the leader for Medicare, senior health care and Medicaid for the poor. These policies help the common people...

Shades of 'Selma': Georgia still fighting battles for religious liberty

...thispast summer and saw part of the filming of Selma. The Georgia House of Representatives chamber was used to recreate Lyndon Johnson's famous address to Congress on his promotion of voting rights legislation. President Johnson fought Southern Democrats...