Obama bans discrimination against federal workers and contractors who are gay and transgender

...inmates leaving federal prisons.Obama's signature amended two executive orders. The first, signed by President Lyndon Johnson in 1965, prohibits federal contractors from discriminating based on race, religion, gender or nationality in hiring...

Is the private sector supposed to serve only government? Of course not

...efforts has been, rather than reducing income inequality, an ironical increase in inequality. Launched by President Lyndon Johnson as the War on Poverty, this vast program to help equalize wealth and incomes has been, on average, a monumental...

Public broadcasting wars

Ever since its inception in 1967 under the Lyndon Johnson administration, conservative critics have correctly...off as a "distinguished journalist," Moyers was Lyndon Johnson's hatchet-man who earned his hard-left stripes...

Brown is not alone in Swainsboro plans

...Swainsboro linebacker Curtis Fann and quarterback Lyndon Johnson. "Dante brings them through, and he hasn't let...TB Dante Brown (Sr., (Sr., 6-3, 205); QB Lyndon Johnson (Jr., 6-3, 175); FB Larry Harper (Sr...

High school
For Nicklaus, breakfast of champions included bacon

...conceived by the school's football coach ? Paul "Bear" Bryant. STILL IN 1967: That year the president was Lyndon Johnson, and an archivist for his library sent me a lengthy report on the 36th president's enthusiastic, but generally...

Civil rights museum in Memphis reopens

...There's a red phone on which visitors can hear a recording of a conversation between King and then-President Lyndon Johnson.New interactive displays offer large touch screens that give visitors state-by-state photos, video, text and...

Playing golf is positively presidential

...time he became president, but he was quite the golfer in his youth, winning a Campobello Club championship.Even Lyndon Johnson, whose presidential library last week could find only one image of the big Texan swinging a driver, could not escape...

With four pastors on ballot, Augusta might have a prayer

...all know both of those professions deal with a lot of stinking things. AND I WILL NOT ACCEPT ... Former President Lyndon Johnson and former District 1 Commissioner Matt Aitken have a lot in common: big ears, big egos and both held news conferences...

Different presidents are alike in many ways

...contributed to massive budget deficits and economic instability," Germany said, pointing to presidential predecessors Lyndon Johnson and George W. Bush, respectively."Both Obama and Nixon won elections promising to change policies but ended up...

Obama knows we're racist

...Kennedy was aware, but there was nothing he could do without losing the Democratic South. He had to die to give us Lyndon Johnson, who immediately implemented civil and voting rights laws with the unanimous vote from both houses. He was well...