Young mothers battling breast cancer form support group in Augusta

...Society said. Nearly 41,000 will die from it in 2015, the second-leading cause of cancer death in women after lung cancer. But if caught in the earliest stages, before the cancer has spread, the chance of surviving five years is 99 percent...

VW scandal fuels French debate on whether to dump diesel, as polluted Paris bans cars for day

...risk of heart problems, and the World Health Organization's France-based cancer agency says diesel fumes can cause lung cancer.But European consumers prefer diesel cars because they're cheaper to fuel and maintain. In France, that's because...

Grant fuels GRU, community fight against lung cancer

...collaborating to screen and prevent lung cancer in a program that could become...c-CARE, initiative to target first lung cancer and then other preventable or detectable...disproportionately affected by lung cancer and a successful program could create...

NASCAR's 'Gentle Giant' Buddy Baker dies

...Daytona 500 and at 6-foot-6 was NASCAR's "Gentle Giant," died Monday.Baker died after a brief battle with lung cancer, SiriusXM NASCAR Radio said. Baker left his job as co-host of The Late Shift for the station in July when he announced...

Smoking is a toxic behavior affecting those around you

...body.As bad as smoking is ? and as bad as the effects are on your own health in terms of highly increased risks of lung cancer, heart disease, stroke or worsening asthma ? there's something even worse than that. And it's the effect...

Study: Higher risk of lung cancer in women may be linked to gene

...than twice as likely to develop lung cancer as men smokers, researchers say...Women are more likely to develop lung cancer after less smoking exposure than...Also a nonsmoker who develops lung cancer is three times more likely to be...

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Among nonsmokers, lung cancer slightly riskier for men

WASHINGTON - Lung cancer isn't common in people who never...had slightly higher death rates from lung cancer than women who never puffed. "The...women who had never smoked died of lung cancer than their white counterparts. Lung...

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Doctors take aim at Lung cancer

...doctors diagnosed Billy Stamm with lung cancer, there was more bad news to come...seventh patient with inoperable lung cancer to receive the new treatment...treatment for inoperable, early stage lung cancer, according to Dr. Mark Williams...

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Researchers: New vaccine can stop lung cancer

...experimental vaccine wiped out lung cancer in some patients and slowed its...vaccine, GVAX, had no recurrence of lung cancer for more than three years afterward...the disease, non-small cell lung cancer. The findings were published in...

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Study: Foods rich in vitamin E offer some lung cancer protection

...whole grains can lower the risk of lung cancer among smokers by about 20 percent...E, reduced their incidence of lung cancer by 19 percent to 23 percent. The...than 40 years. The reduction in lung cancer risk in these groups was from 40...

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