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Gas prices move higher after government reopens

...demand because of the end of the summer driving season, refineries' switch to cheaper winter fuel blends and lower crude oil prices.The federal government shutdown also pressured prices downward, as furloughed workers weren't commuting to...
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...prices fell nearly a cent per gallon in the past two weeks, continuing a months-long decline caused in part by lower crude oil prices, an industry analyst said. The average price nationwide, including all grades and taxes, was about $1.28...
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Gasoline prices may be turning a corner, Energy Department says

...appeared to be an "improved balance" between gasoline supply and demand and an expectation in the markets of lower crude oil prices. The price of crude, which peaked at around $42 a barrel in late May, is expected to ease to around $35 a...
Gas prices drop another penny

...industry analyst Trilby Lundberg. For one thing, retailers pretty much have passed on to customers the savings from lower crude oil prices earlier in the year, she said. Some wholesale markets also are showing price increases. At self-service pumps...
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