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Twinkie baker goes bankrupt

...was hurt by what he called a "lack of innovation" in responding to the low-carb market; it didn't release a low-carb product until February. The Kansas City-based company listed assets of $1.6 billion and liabilities of $1.3 billion...
Here is experts' way for losing it's what we serve at the governor's mansion. Guests are shocked to find out it's a sugar-free, low-fat, low-carb product." 2 cups, 250 calories. CALORIE SAVINGS: 300. - Bobby Flay, chef/restaurateur, cookbook author (Bobby...
Survey: Consumers counting carbs even after diets end

...items, since some of them are seen as unhealthy by carb-watchers. "Our consumer research indicates that new low-carb product introductions that have legitimate nutritional credentials may have staying power, whereas those in inherently indulgent...
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