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Vegetarian recipe for sloppy Josephines

...carbs per se, but that I failed so miserably at it. It doesn't help that I have been mostly unimpressed by the low-carb products and recipes I have tried. Bagels that taste like putty. Pasta with all the tooth of oatmeal. Bread better suited...
Here is experts' way for losing it's what we serve at the governor's mansion. Guests are shocked to find out it's a sugar-free, low-fat, low-carb product." 2 cups, 250 calories. CALORIE SAVINGS: 300. - Bobby Flay, chef/restaurateur, cookbook author (Bobby...
The bread industry hopes for a comeback

...up on the diet-inspired products companies created, such as low-carb bread or pasta. "There were a lot of low-carb products that were rushed to the market that didn't taste good," Crowder said. "That's probably what turned a lot...
Twinkie baker goes bankrupt

...was hurt by what he called a "lack of innovation" in responding to the low-carb market; it didn't release a low-carb product until February. The Kansas City-based company listed assets of $1.6 billion and liabilities of $1.3 billion...
Low-carb trend, innovations help company recover from tough times

ATCHISON, Kan. -- A few years after wondering if his 63-year-old wheat processing business would survive, Ladd Seaberg leads a company that has customers clamoring for its products and Wall Street noticing the little northeast Kansas-based firm.
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PepsiCo reports gain in second quarter profits the Quaker snacks business. The company said the category should benefit from the introduction of several new low-carb products, including Quaker Q-Smart low carbohydrate bars, Fruit and Oatmeal low-sugar bars, and Quaker Soy Crisps...
Artisan bakers prosper even as the country goes low-carb

...dictum seems to mean good business for O'Bread, whose sales have been unaffected by the growing popularity of low-carb products. "We haven't noticed a change in our overall sales or our business pattern," Conway said. With one notable...
Survey: Consumers counting carbs even after diets end

...items, since some of them are seen as unhealthy by carb-watchers. "Our consumer research indicates that new low-carb product introductions that have legitimate nutritional credentials may have staying power, whereas those in inherently indulgent...
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Low-carb lifestyle challenges, changes food industry

...already offers more than 300 low-carb products featured in a special "aisle...newsletter, estimates sales of low-carb products and services will generate...J., company that makes low-carb products, said sales rose 280 percent...
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Study: Low-fat beats low-carb

...increasingly are losing their enthusiasm for Atkins-style diets as a long-term weight control strategy and the glut of low-carb products that overloaded grocery store shelves as the diet became a fad in the past few years. More than half of Americans...
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