BMX Scot Alexander Breithaupt pioneer found dead in California

...the desert city of Indio found him dead in a tent at a vacant lot, Sgt. Dan Marshall said. Breithaupt, who was 57 and lived...one day he saw a group of kids riding their bicycles in a dirt lot near his home in Long Beach, Calif. He was inspired to organize...

Peach Jam leads off busy month at Riverview Park

...That started this ball that's going to roll through July," Meyer said. "It turned out to be a great tournament. We had a lot of the teams from the Charleston area, and after what had happened down there, those folks were so grateful and kind and glad...

Many farmers await legal clearance to use drones

...100 acre Missouri farm if he has to keep them within sight. He's still interested, though. The men he hires now use a lot of fuel and their trucks tear up his land and roads."You can wait forever on advancing technology," Geske says.

After winning Triple Crown, a new world greets jockey Victor Espinoza

...Espinoza said it still doesn't seem real."Over time, it will," he said. "It's just right now, I think because I have a lot of things that I'm doing right now ? go here, go there ? I don't have the chance."He's also writing a book, detailing...

Half of Americans Can't Handle a Small Emergency. Here's What to Do If You're in That Group.

...bulbs everywhere as your old ones burn out, replacing them one at a time (as LED bulbs are expensive initially, but eat a lot less energy and don't need to be replaced for a LONG time). You can cut down your water bill, too, by finding ways to use...

Smear merchants

...freed from their own tyranny, and have done incredibly well in the world economy over the years.Americans will stand for a lot of abuse. To a fault. It's what you do under the blanket of the First Amendment. Oh yeah, the flag stands for that, too...

Vacations hard to come by for small-business owners

...more since I've done that."It does not leave a lot of time to enjoy things like a lot of other people may get to enjoy it, but it has...being a business owner is that it can be, and for a lot of people it is, an all-consuming thing," said...

Michaux: Spieth knows what he's doing with his schedule

...not going to Scotland early to prepare?A lot of arm-chair experts believe that's...Palmer, Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods had a lot of people criticizing their strategic tactics...a little bit different. There will be a lot to learn in a short time. But he's young...

Pet lovers take in animals with hopes for adoption

...responsible dog owner, and they need a lot of them: Last year, they found homes for...animal. "Most of us work full time. A lot of people have kids and families," she...situation."For example, our house has a lot of stairs, so we're not going to be a...

Smart, social -- and messy -- birds make great pets, fans say

...much as possible. You can teach them tricks, and they eat a lot of the same food we do. They're hilarious, and loads of fun...you can turn to for advice. That person can be anyone with a lot of experience with birds," she said.Bird clubs and magazines...