Property transfers

...Wayne C. Kirby, Lot 20, Southern Pines...Shawn M. Fields, Lots 1 and 2, Block E...4125 Michael Place, Lot 8, Block C, Town...Berckmans Hills, Lots 61 and 62, Berckman...Laurie L. Pratt, Lots 6A, Lot 6B and 7A, Deed Book...

You remembered: Broad Street on Christmas

...Cullum's, Goldberg's and Davison's.Dinner at The Tavern with lots of friends on Friday nights. Great memories.? Barbara Sims...the popped balloon.It was always exciting to be downtown, lots of decorations and people everywhere, fun times.I need help...

Pardon Our Mess: Light pole knocked over at Walton Way gas station

WHERE: Parking lot of Sunoco gas station in the 2000 block of Walton WayWHAT: A light pole has been knocked over and wires are exposed.WHO'S...

Smaller, portable ultrasound device is part of education at MCG

...And there was the bony piece they were looking for."Ohh," the students said in unison Monday. They will be getting a lot more practice with portable ultrasound over the coming years as MCG at Georgia Regents University joins about a dozen other schools...

Fashion collections proving to be a hit with country stars

...wearing cowboy hats. Some of them are wearing ball caps. A lot of them are wearing some kind of boot."Fashion for country...something that I think is really cool because if you don't have a lot of money to spend on things like this, it all needs to look...

Interim coaches for bowl games are in tough spot

...Saturday's game against Utah in the Las Vegas Bowl."There's a lot of uncertainty that goes on with the players in this process...happen," Baldwin said. "We're a 10-2 football team for a lot of good reasons. Let's make some history and win 11 games...

Exercise caution when giving guns as gifts

...son a gun "is a true honor.""There's something very special about giving my son a firearm," Ryles said. "It means a lot. To me, it's all about family heritage and making memories."According to federal law, except for certain circumstances...

Census: Augusta young adults struggling to find jobs

...scarcer than in recent decades because the market has placed a greater emphasis on technology and becoming more efficient."A lot of the time I think people who are from this community say, 'I'm not going to stay in Augusta because there is not enough...

Georgia quarterback Hutson Mason faces tough secondary

...I'll be the first one to tell you when I don't make a good decision. For the most part this year, I've made pretty good decisions and a lot of it has to do with knowing where to go with the ball, film study and also being accurate."

World War II Museum tour visits Battle of Bulge locations 70 years later

...museums for the fundraising consulting firm Alexander Haas of Atlanta."You're with them 24/7, with shared experiences and a lot of shared meals," he said.That's "like gold," said Jim Sano, who ran an educational travel agency before becoming the...