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Closing of Chinese restaurant takes good reading with it

...diners something to talk about over their sesame chicken.On the other hand, you have to expect a few things to get lost in translation when going from one language to another.The odd thing is, on the flip side of the sleeve were diagrams and intricate...
Health care providers trained to communicate more effectively about childhood obesity

...providers aren't getting the message across to their patients. Practical steps for improving habits are often lost in translation, child wellness experts say.Helping doctors, nurses and dieticians have a difficult conversation with children...
Rangers could have seven nationalities on Opening Day-roster

...different languages ? the Rangers have a translator well-versed in Japanese and Spanish.But what never gets lost in translation is baseball ? and trying to get the Rangers back to the playoffs."Whoever can help our team to win ballgames...
There's a strange word for you

...I am a jelly doughnut," because that sweet is called a berliner in some parts of Germany.Things often get lost in translation, but it could be worse. On that trip, Kennedy could have said he was a Hamburger or a Frankfurter instead.
Sergio Garcia rebuilds after Masters despair

...Garcia didn't back down when the media pressed him on it and wondered whether his major surrender was somehow lost in translation."Do you think I lie when I talk?" he said. "Everything I say, I say it because I feel it. If I didn't...
Poetry's beauty is in the mind of the reader

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.? Robert Frost U.S. Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey came back to Georgia earlier this month to lecture at her alma mater...
I'll never again have a rock 'n' roll suit made

...We looked thick and puffy, like the chamois used for drying a car. The colors were hideous.Something had been lost in translation.Bob survived our suits, though, so I'm sure he's still married today.
Fall isn't reserved for prestige pictures anymore

...Mariachi series. Like its predecessors, Once Upon a Time is as much about balletic violence as it is storytelling. LOST IN TRANSLATION (Sept. 12): There must be something in the water over at the Coppola place. This film by Sophia Coppola, daughter...
I still love ScarJo, even if I'm not supposed to

...years ago, I wrote a negative review of the movie Lost in Translation and was called "crude and reactionary." Everybody...corporations tell us to love. Excuse me, I need to watch Lost in Translation again. The page stops but the blog goes on. Talk...
An Olympic-sized Bible flap

...Beijing exerts tremendous influence over the small nation, but did nothing to effect a peaceful resolution. The imbroglio over the Olympic Bibles, however, appears at its root to be little more than an issue lost in translation.