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Business briefs a federal judge who says it is unconstitutional despite its "commendable" intentions. U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska had stopped the law's enforcement temporarily in November after a preliminary study of the arguments offered by...
Federal appeals court rules against NBA

...statistics about players and reporting back to the public in variety of formats," Dewan said. To U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska, those statistics were too much like broadcasting a game. By providing the statistics without paying any fees to...
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Religion News in Brief

...15. In May, the U.S. Justice Department's civil rights division filed a brief supporting the church. Judge Loretta Preska of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York had earlier taken the opposite side in the case...
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Firm will pay for creating shelters

...did not immediately return a call for comment. There was no word on when the nine men would appear in court. Judge Loretta Preska of Manhattan federal court said KPMG's board had unanimously agreed to the deal. Federal prosecutors had filed...
Providers of high-tech statistics win appeals court ruling over NBA

...appeals court alluded to the case in its opinion because the issues are related. In July, U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska permanently blocked the SportsTrax product, saying it "crosses the boundary from mere media coverage of the NBA...
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