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Perdue shows commitment to foreign language program

...The governor has budgeted $1.8 million for the program in 2004 and the same amount for 2005, said spokeswoman Loretta Lepore. In 2003, $2.1 million was allotted. "He didn't want children who were benefiting at this time to have learning...
Opponents criticize 'Miller Trusts'

...point, maintaining the state will save in future years. "We will save money long-term," said press secretary Loretta LePore. "We will no longer have this income category." But Mr. Pollan questions that, saying the only way the state...
Weekend e-mail is clogged by invasion of spam

...message to the senator. Naturally, I'm starting to think I'm the only one with a spam problem. Wrong again. Loretta Lepore, a spokeswoman for Gov. Sonny Perdue, confided last week that the state's chief executive does get a lot of unwanted...
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Radiation monitoring request is rejected

...Georgia's program will end next month. Georgia authorities will continue to press for continued funding, said Loretta Lepore, a spokeswoman for Mr. Perdue. "Clearly ... there is a difference of opinion, but the governor is going to...
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Lawmakers to ponder decisions on spending cuts during break

...said Rep. Calvin Smyre, D-Columbus, the chairman of the House Democratic caucus. Mr. Perdue's spokeswoman, Loretta Lepore, said the governor doesn't have the same spending options that were available to his Democratic predecessor, Roy...
Debate over proposals awaits Assembly in '04

...who rank 50th among all states taking the test. "He is very adamant that we not remain 50th out of 50," said Loretta Lepore, Mr. Perdue's spokeswoman. "He feels that having that moniker is not a positive thing." Rep. Bob Holmes...
Mayor questions organization's use of state money

...and it is being reviewed, and the whole issue needs to be investigated," said the governor's press secretary, Loretta Lepore. "We're looking into the situation." Reach Heidi Coryell Williams and Sylvia Cooper at (706) 724-0851.
Georgia first lady undergoes treatment for breast cancer

...Perdue, 54, has no family history of breast cancer, and her prognosis for recovery is excellent, said spokeswoman Loretta Lepore. Ms. Lepore added that Mrs. Perdue is resting comfortably after the surgery and should return home soon. The cancer...
Southern part of Georgia gets heaviest rains

...can to take care of Georgians and the communities impacted by this storm," Mr. Perdue said. Perdue spokeswoman Loretta Lepore said federal disaster aid likely would be sought for additional counties as more reports of damage come in. While...
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Budget lacks Augusta funds his budget request to the Legislature for the Science Center and thought that was enough, said his spokeswoman Loretta Lepore. That amount remains even though the added funds will be deferred. The center originally requested more than $1...