A Guy by any other name is just plain 'Gooey'

...suggested I keep a dictionary nearby when I read so that I might look up words I did not know.I soon developed a collection of obscure...asked Mom.After some thought, she said that she'd probably look for a house-sharing situation with three other single or widowed...

Police look for church burglar

Police are seeking a man who stole several items from a Beech Island church on Wednesday.

Take the fight to ISIS

...let the military do its job. No politics, just the military.Look at Vietnam. It was a political war that was run by the White...spins the news as their parent company wants to present it. Just look at the frenzy the press caused in Ferguson. Mo.It is only...

Cynthia Taylor: Remember that work is holy

...an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Rowe said, "If you look at the things that are most often celebrated in pop culture...commencement addresses and things where I've basically said, 'Look, guys, I don't know much, but I can tell you this. If somebody...

Michaux: Gamecocks need to forget this one

...fight again against East Carolina in nine days and see if we can look like we know what we're doing."Before you could say goodbye...in the division race.The team that played Saturday didn't look capable of running any tables."It was a mismatch ? coaches...

Georgia welcome centers get facelift

...facilities will be improved without needing taxpayer money."If any of you board members question why we're doing this, look around," he said. "And if we do this, we will have done a big service to the public."Follow Walter Jones on Twitter...

Big trees compete with grass, plants for water

...grass or plant other shade trees or plants close to large trees. You have to be patient on the growth and your grass might never look like you want it to, unless you remove the trees. You have to ask yourself what your priorities are. REACH SID MULLIS, THE...

Summer veggies were just the first round

...with vegetable plants for water, space and nutrients. TIMING IS IMPORTANT: To figure out when to sow any fall vegetable, look on the seed packet for the "days to maturity." Cool weather and shorter days dramatically slow growth as fall approaches...

Metro | The Augusta Chronicle

...always encouraged his oldest child's self improvement, once suggested I keep a dictionary nearby when I read so that I might look up words I did not know. It paid off. The George W. Bush Institute announced Thursday it has selected the Augusta Warrior...

Local nonprofit making a difference for homeless families

...facility on Ridge Road so their parents can look for work.One day she wants to go college...transportation and day care while parents look for work, and offers life-skills classes...It's an all-encompassing program. We look at how did you become homeless? Why are...