Voters didn't hold back on write-ins during May 20 election

...Obi-Wan Kenobi, Scooby Doo and a "Nurse Diesel Ratchet" also got a mention or two in mayoral balloting.Real-life local politicians and officials whose names were written in for mayor included former Mayors Bob Young and Larry Sconyers, Mayor Deke...

Russell looks like mayoral candidate

...as his former desk, and the telephone doesn't ring like it used to, but the folks he's been meeting with ? local politicians, businessmen and church leaders ? don't insult him and his staff just to get a little face time on TV. Besides...

Must we spell it out? You shouldn't abandon language's rules

...the radio talk about an Augusta commissioner "literally beating a dead horse." I had to laugh, envisioning this local politician actually flogging a carcass in the middle of the commission chamber.Now I'm not laughing. Literally.English...

Georgia lawmakers face looming deadline on ethics proposals

...in favor of limiting what lobbyists can spend.Perry also took aim at a second Ralston proposal that would allow local politicians to file their campaign finance reports with local governments, meaning they might not be available online in a single...

Augusta is a city of inconsistency

...they're classified as "food deserts," but almost everybody's fat.It's the Golf Capital of the World, but the local politicians can't figure out what to do with the city golf course. It's also the venue for the Iron Man contest, but the...

No clear Senate candidate leader, Georgia poll finds

...issues was passage of an ethics bill that imposes the first-ever limit on what lobbyists can give to state and local politicians. The bill didn't make much of an impression on those surveyed, however. Two out of three didn't know anything...

Families get front row seats to Augusta's fireworks show

...began 25 years ago and has grown ever since, with more than 3,000 meals served last year.Patrons mingled with local politicians and enjoyed bluegrass tunes, pulled pork from Neal's Barbecue and many gallons of iced tea.Patriots Park, also...

James Brown turkey tradition lives on in Augusta

...accepting turkeys -- donated by Wal-Mart, Comcast, Amerigroup and local donors -- from Brown family members and local politicians.Eighty-nine-year-old Ethel Williams thanked God for allowing her to get up and stand in line for a turkey...

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New year brings new laws

...don't agree with that," said Bill Bozarth, a spokesman for Common Cause of Georgia.Having reports for all local politicians in the same place as the state candidates will be handy, he said, but the money needed to process the tenfold reporting...

Rants & Raves

...surround sound system to supplement my TV, I was delighted to see how great the commercials sound.REAL ESTATE VALUES for houses are now lower than four years ago, yet property taxes stay higher. Why can't local politicians be honest?

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