State, local officials urge disaster preparations

According to an annual survey, 80 percent of Georgians report being at least somewhat prepared for a large-scale disaster or emergency, a 27 percent increase since the Ready Georgia campaign launched in 2008.

Virginia TV staffers killed on air; co-worker suspect now dead

...on subjects like child abuse. Their live spot Wednesday was nothing out of the ordinary: They were interviewing a local official at an outdoor shopping mall for a tourism story before the shots rang out.As Parker screamed and Ward collapsed...

Bordering on criminal

...the two criminals not only were ignored by law enforcement, but were perversely protected from immigration laws by local officials.As Santa Maria Police Chief Ralph Martin noted to reporters, the blood trail from Marilyn Pharis' bedroom leads...

Spinning a spill

...evasiveness immediately after the spill by failing to notify anyone of the 750-gallon-a-minute spill for 24 hours. Local officials learned about the spill by seeing the river turn yellow.If that's not criminal, it should be.Like the Veterans...

SC agency fines Aiken town for fecal coliform violations

...between the contractor and an operator, and an electrical power failure caused by an uninstalled ground wire.The local officials said they had also spent nearly $400,000 in grant money and $100,000 of the town funds to upgrade their facility...

Just 'no thanks'

...Pipeline project that would cross a small part of Richmond County.Also, corporate philanthropy works best when local officials, such as Augusta Commissioner Bill Lockett, don't give an ambiguous impression that favor can be bought if the...

$24 million rail terminal north of Atlanta to link industry to Savannah port across 300 miles

...other inland rail terminal located in Cordele in southwest Georgia, that's run by a private company.State and local officials said it's too early to know how many direct jobs will be created by the project in Murray County, where the new...

Rants & Raves

...concisely explained the problems with fireworks in residential areas and she offered good solutions. I hope our state and local officials will take her solutions to heart and I hope that all concerned citizens will write their representatives asking that...

Tulsa Shock owner plans to move team to Dallas-Fort Worth

...organization, and know they will stay focused on making this a winning season," said Cameron, who thanked fans and local officials as well as "the Tulsa investors who stepped up at a critical time" to help bring the Shock from Detroit.

Designer drugs create problems for death investigators

...illegal drugs while containing a slightly different chemical makeup to skirt state and federal legislation.Though local officials say designer drugs such as synthetic marijuana, sometimes called "Spice," and bath salts are seen less now than...