Take notice

...easily and widely seen by the general public ? the local newspaper.The beauty of the decades-old law is that all...the state's more rural and low-income areas. Local newspapers, however, cover all of Georgia's 159 counties...

Bill would let local officials change notice posting

...optional on where the notices will appear. If local governments believe lost ad dollars will financially weaken the local newspaper, they can keep buying the ads.That also means that if a sheriff or county commission becomes annoyed with the news...

We must bid adieu to Sunday 'Journal' pages

...finance, big and small.Late last year, the company that owns The Wall Street Journal decided to no longer offer local newspapers these Sunday pages. It set Feb. 8 as the final contribution.When told we could no longer provide The Wall Street...

Jane Layman

...for her creative hors d'oeuvres. Over the years, her homes and decorating ideas have been featured in several local newspapers. At 39 years of age, Jane discovered a passion (and natural talent) for golf. As a member at Pinehurst Country...

Embattled Cleveland coach Blatt remains beloved in Israel despite struggles in NBA debut

...almost always delivers the score of the previous night's games. Radio shows feature a daily update segment, and local newspapers have begun to resemble Ohio dailies in their blanket coverage of the drama surrounding Blatt's talented yet underachieving...

A flavor out of favor: Dog meat fades in South Korea

...activists protest nearby, urging people not to eat man's best friend. The closure of Oh's restaurant, dubbed by a local newspaper as the "Holy Land of boshintang" and frequented by two former presidents, Lee Myung-bak and late Roh Moo-hyun...

May is a month of celebrations

...families to cut out and place with the program and diploma to mark the day.May is a time to note two things that local newspapers do really well: keeping a record of the people who lived in the community and celebrating their time here.

At 101, weather observer Richard Hendrickson gets service award

...what was then a rural island and is now largely suburban. For many years he wrote monthly weather summaries for local newspapers.The National Weather Service's Cooperative Observer Program has 8,700 volunteer observers across the country...

Rants & Raves

...wonderful commissioners. Shame on you! I DO NOT WISH TO have Islamic terrorism plastered on the front cover of our local newspaper like it was Sept. 5. I do not want our children to see world hatred displayed with photos of innocent Americans...

Around the block

...contest to support newspapers.Georgia residents are invited to enter by taking a creative photograph with their local newspaper and posting it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ReadLocalGA.The winner will be chosen April 1 and will...