App lets kids book rides themselves

...Uber, Shuddle routinely interviews prospective drivers face to face. Its background checks scan courts and other local law enforcement agencies for serious crimes and even minor infractions. Drivers also must either be parents or have previous experience...

Rants & Raves

...deaths of the three children. You have both been charged with their deaths, and rightfully so. Now, let's see local law enforcement step up and start citing the red-light runners; as it is an epidemic problem all over. It is understandable...

New Georgia laws take effect today, most notably a higher gas tax

...for purchasing them. Gone, too, is Delta Air Lines' exemption from the sales tax on jet fuel.SPEED TRAPS: Local law enforcement agencies that get more than 35 percent of their budget from traffic citations within 20 mph of speed limits will...

Woman protesting drilling leaves Shell ship in Washington harbor after hanging on since Friday

...trespassed on private property, while compromising their safety and that of others. He commended the Coast Guard and local law enforcement for de-escalating the incident.The Arctic Challenger is a converted barge designed to launch containment equipment...

Grand Strand sees quieter bike weekend this year

...the violence. More officers ? about 200 state troopers and 180 State Law Enforcement Divi sion agents ? joined local law enforcement agencies with an already heavy presence.Authorities created a 23-mile, one-way loop to keep traffic moving...

Bond denied to defendants in sex sting operation

...child molestation as a result of Operation Mayday, a four-day joint undercover investigation between state and local law enforcement.Superior Court Judge Daniel J. Craig, who performed the initial appearances for the 22 defendants on Saturday...

Slain deputy's family, foundation shocked by doctor's story

...president of the Deputy J.D. Paugh Memorial Foundation, said the nonprofit will continue to focus on supporting local law enforcement, but it has contacted Hodges' family to possibly raise awareness for members of the armed forces struggling with...

Ex-Ga,. cops guilty of bribe, drug charges

...deputy, pleaded guilty to accepting a bribe from a purported drug dealer in exchange for telling the dealer if local law enforcement was investigating him.Prosecutors say Herring pleaded guilty to attempted cocaine possession with the intent...

SC Senate passes bill on officer body cameras

...The guidelines would include which officers should wear cameras and how long data should be stored. State and local law enforcement agencies would then have three months to submit their own policies for review.The Legislature could reject the...

Rants & Raves

...RANT TO SHERIFF Round tree. Why would you refuse police escorts to the foundation that raises money to assist local law enforcement, but provide escorts for a 5k run? How much do they raise for law enforcement?