Government safety agency missed Cobalt clues

...to GM's then-CEO, Dan Akerson, but got no responses. After the recall was announced, Brooks took the car to a local dealer, who gave her a loaner to drive until the Cobalt is repaired."It's a criminal and immoral act to hide that kind...

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...Richmond County Sheriff's Office is spending our money out of town to purchase 40 vehicles and didn't even give local dealers the opportunity to bid. THE MEMBERS OF the Richmond Board of Education need to be replaced. While it's unfortunate...

Rants & Raves

...THOROUGHLY check out the dealer who Richard Roundtree is buying the cars from. Call out the price on it and see if any local dealer really could match the price of it. Is the winning" dealer from out of town, any relative or longtime connection...

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...improved both its actual and perceived brand quality and image. Now, if we can just get that message down to the local dealers (in Atlanta, anyway).EVANS: Bill Harding wrote: "It looks like a Hyundai Sonata in Sparkling Ruby."Wayne...

Auto shows still attract enthusiasts

...million visitors each year.Detroit has been holding an auto show almost continuously since the early 1900s, when local dealers lined up a handful of cars alongside fishing and hunting gear.More than half of visitors at the Detroit show are...

What is it?

...the charging station."For my money, I will go with the Chevy Volt. In fact, I am on a list to be called by my local dealer. The Volt also has the wheels driven 100 percent by electric motors, but it has a gasoline engine backup to produce...

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Electric cars making arrival in Augusta soon

Electric cars were once thought to be the wave of the future. If local dealers have their way, electric vehicles will be traversing Augusta roads in a few months.

What is it?

...sarcasm)."And, with the base model going for the piggy-bank price of $16,000, you can march down to your local dealer and purchase an iQ on your Visa card (much more sarcasm)."Also, Jim Muraski.

GM renews Henna Chevrolet Cadillac's franchise

...County because now we have all of our GM dealers back. I think when the decision was made to pull the plug on our local dealers, GM moved too quickly," Jameson said. "They didn't evaluate one dealer at a time. They just eliminated 600...

Saturn of Augusta closes, empties lot

...Acura dealerships. Company leaders are working to find jobs for Saturn employees at one of Stokes-Hodges' remaining local dealers, Mr. Hodges said. "We've got great people who have been working with us for a long time, so hopefully we can...

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