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Are we our brother's keeper or not?

...article made me think of Gene-sis 4:9: "Am I my brother's keeper?" My great-grandfather J.P. McMichael, a local butcher, would, every Friday during the Great Depression, load up his Model T Ford with meat, and distribute it to the...
Review: 'Kicking & Screaming'

...Mariah Carey in "Glitter.") Once Phil and Ditka recruit a couple of soccer prodigies from Italy who work at the local butcher shop (Francesco Liotti and Alessandro Ruggiero) and build the entire offense around them, the Tigers start climbing...
At the movies: 'Girl With A Pearl Earring'

...maid to artist's model for his famous painting. Away from the house, Griet must contend with the affections of a local butcher's son (Cillian Murphy) as well as the lecherous advances of Vermeer's wealthy patron, whom Tom Wilkinson...
Low-key pitcher returns to spotlight

...balls has taught him never to take anything for granted. Whatever the cause, he's as grounded in reality as your local butcher, as unflappable as a grizzled veteran with a dozen seasons under his belt. "Kerry didn't fit your normal rookie...
Hot spots on the Internet

...Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" -- shot weekends with friends as actors and special effects purchased from a local butcher shop -- became a cult classic. Even Jack Nicholson, the A-list superstar of the '90s, began his career writing...
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Irish chef sells, teaches art of gourmet cooking

...ingredients from his father's garden. With no refrigerator in the home, Mr. Duffy's mother shopped daily at local butcher shops for the beef and lamb stews she made. The Duffy children walked more than a mile every day to pick up fresh...
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