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Children find pile of cash lost by suspected drug dealers

...little better now that this alleged suspect turned himself in," district spokeswoman Sandra Guerrero said. On the Net: Dallas school district: Associated Press writer Liz Austin contributed to this report.
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TV show 'Cheaters' tones down its tawdriness

DALLAS - Hoping to avoid the government's ire, the creator of a reality TV show that helps furious lovers track down and confront their philandering mates is trying to tone down the show's tawdriness.
Spencer won't face charges after fight

DETROIT - NASCAR driver Kurt Busch dropped his assault complaint against rival Jimmy Spencer, who punched him in the face after an August race at Michigan International Speedway.
Texas teachers wash windows to qualify for Social Security

DALLAS -- Thousands of Texas teachers are rushing to retire before a lucrative loophole in Social Security law closes, but there's one catch: They must first spend a day washing windows or scrubbing floors.
Surge in flu found among young pregnant women

DALLAS -- Flu cases among young pregnant women surged at a large public hospital, calling attention to yet another group at serious risk of the flu.
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