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...American life. Move on. Grow up. Be responsible for your own actions. THE WORLD WE LIVE in was created by the far left over the past 50 years. Now we live in a world that is inherently unsafe and they want to take our guns, too. In England...

Braves show creativity by adding payroll flexibility in Olivera deal

...and prospect Jose Peraza. It's also easier for a mid-market team like the Braves to swallow the deal if Olivera fails to live up to the scouting reports.There are risks involved for both teams, but Atlanta gave itself a softer cushion by maintaining...

Carolina Panthers' Cam Newton has a fresh outlook on life

...another car. He missed only one game, but the memory of that wreck has impacted him.He wears the bracelet as a reminder to live life to its fullest ? and enjoy the journey."I want to make the most of things and appreciate the blessing that I have on...

Where you live: Staying afloat

Ricky Luther tries to keep his head above water as he kayaks at Aqueduct Park.

Rants & Raves

...is what income level the family has is stupid. A family could live in a tent and the kids could still get an education. Most kids...this country into our red and blue states so everybody could live in a country they are proud of. What do you think would happen...

Retired Aiken County superintendent Elizabeth Eve­ritt discusses district success, future

...positive period for the district in the years ahead. After some extended travel in Europe, she and her husband will continue to live in Aiken County. This interview was edited for length.Q: How are you feeling about retirement, now that it is finally here...

Cycling's attention turns to races in North America

...traveling from other nations.The Tour of Utah will be carried live on the Fox Sports family of networks this year, and the USA...carry the world championships."We have races that are shown live in over 200 countries and territories, and that's on par with...

New Falcons coach Dan Quinn shows off high-energy style on first day of training camp

...encouraging hustle from players. Many coaches try to set that example.It's different to see the head coach in the middle of live action, using his pads - similar to those used to train boxers - to deflect pass-rushers.Quinn said the hand drills are...

Pavey: Popular lion's death puts hunters in crosshairs

...star headliners including Duck Dynasty's Al Robertson and Jimmy Riffle of The Gator Boys series.The Gator Boys are planning live alligator shows at 11:30 a.m. and 3 p.m., Harris said, and Robertson is scheduled to speak at 4:30 p.m.The Gator...

Augusta man dies by lethal injection

...painless. "I'm glad this one is over, and maybe I'll sleep tonight. But it won't be over ... because as long as I live, I've got to keep Judson Ruffin and Nathan Brown in jail." Mr. High's death came more than 25 years after the night when...