Linda Schrenko to be freed from home confinement

Linda Schrenko, the former state school superintendent and Columbia County teacher who was found guilty of embezzling hundreds of thousands of...

Linda Schrenko has 'electability'

...running for governor, we were most impressed with Linda Schrenko's presentation and her answers to a variety of questions...schools and teachers. Another important point in Linda Schrenko's favor is electability. Not only Georgia teachers...

Linda Schrenko has no substance; re-elect Roy Barnes

Can you believe that the Grand Old Party in Georgia has deteriorated to the point that the likes of Linda Schrenko can become a candidate for governor? She was elected as state school superintendent during a wave of Republican victories during...

The trashing of Linda Schrenko

I am disgusted at the continued trashing of former state school Superintendent Linda Schrenko. The latest hit job is by WRDW-TV. After a review of the history of Mrs. Schrenko's service to this state, it doesn't...

Former state school chief Linda Schrenko out of prison

Linda Schrenko, the former state school superintendent and Columbia County teacher whose political career was derailed by embezzlement while...

Kent: A Christian conservative chronicles betrayal

...Department of Education official on Linda Schrenko IN OCTOBER 1995 former U.S...by state School Superintendent Linda Schrenko as director of federal programs...this." What a sad commentary on Linda Schrenko - who many of us once thought...

Opinion columns
Schrenko pleads guilty

...Georgia Schools Superintendent Linda Schrenko stopped trying to prove her innocence...com. Readers Respond Discuss Linda Schrenko's plea agreement in the Augusta...staff blog. THE PLAYERS GUILTY - Linda Schrenko, 56, former state schools superintendent...

Metro | Columbia County Board of Education
Females, blacks running hard

ATLANTA -- Linda Schrenko wasn't fully prepared for the awkward moments and condescending...Democrat, Goldie Taylor, Republican School Superintendent: Linda Schrenko, Republican, Theresa Bey, Democrat, Frances Elaine Roberson...

Witness connects checks to Schrenko

ATLANTA - Linda Schrenko personally ordered others to fraudulently endorse checks to her...pattern. WHAT'S NEXT: Richard Leonard, a campaign manager for Linda Schrenko's gubernatorial campaign who pleaded guilty in 2004 for trying...

Schrenko takes on GOP's gender gap

Linda Schrenko has the spotlight all to herself. All she has to do is recite her line...taxes enough to match a rise in the sales tax. BIOGRAPHY A glance at Linda Schrenko, Republican candidate for governor in the Aug. 20 primary election...