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Life insurance refunds premiums - but it takes a while

NEW YORK -- There's an emerging life-insurance product that promises to fully refund your money if you live long enough to collect.
Industry by industry, executives give their outlook for 2004

...means consumers will be more willing to sit down with their insurance agents and do some financial planning. Life insurance premiums should be stable, but there could be increases in disability and long-term care policies, he believes. Firming...
Jerks don't buckle up, wear helmets

...three seconds to buckle up. In addition to the billions noted in the article, you have to add the increase in life insurance premiums and time missed at work, although people with an IQ of that level probably aren't part of the corporate world...
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Compromise boosts lending bill

...legislation also would prevent lenders from financing credit life insurance premiums as part of the loan principal but would not allow them to continue...Associates mortgage company, forcing a $9 million refund of credit life insurance premiums.
Court: FDA can't regulate tobacco as drug

...banned. 1972 -- Officials rule airlines must create nonsmoking sections. 1981 -- Insurers offer discounts on life insurance premiums to nonsmokers. 1984 -- Warnings strengthened on cigarette packages and ads. Nicotine-based chewing gum approved...
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Independent insurance agents declare a truce

...acquiring insurers. The financial stakes of the battle are enormous: UBS Securities LLC estimated last year that life insurance premiums earned by banks would rise from $400 million to as much as $4 billion by the turn of the century. This intense...
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Regents likely will allow health premium increase

...28.54 a month, still 12 percent, for a family on the PPO. The committee also approved a proposal to leave life insurance premiums steady. Several factors led to the increases, said William Bowes, the system's vice chancellor for fiscal...
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...ordered the gift especially for her. DELINQUENT LIFE INSURANCE PREMIUM PLOY: An insurance "agent" phones the surviving...line. The widower is advised that his wife's life insurance premium was delinquent and that he must pay $3,000 so...
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Help reservists, Guard

...income from state taxes after three months of active duty. Yet another would have the state pay service members' life insurance premiums for the military's maximum $250,000 coverage. There is also legislation to provide scholarships to children...
Median pay for leaders of non-profits exceeds $200,000

...executive, Boy Scouts of America, Irving, Texas: $344,653 in compensation, including car allowance and life insurance premiums, plus $134,820 in benefits, which includes $125,655 in deferred retirement benefits. -- United Ways...