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Counselor strives to help people help themselves

...But his goal is to make it better. As a licensed clinical social worker and therapist for Grace Community Mental Health...Subject: Jerry Smith, clinical director and licensed clinical social worker and therapist for Grace Community Mental Health...
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Child advocate will be remembered fondly for her tireless activism

...forms of child maltreatment. Today, I am writing to ask you to thank a local hero.Maggie Tucker ? a licensed clinical social worker, child advocate and local hero in the field of child protection ? retired from Child Enrichment on April...
Age old question or whether you choose to rule your fears. Worry, or anxiety, is built into our bodies. According to licensed clinical social worker Eugenie Wheeler, anxiety "helps us explore our environment and be alert and responsive to danger." Yet...
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Walk the walk, talk the talk when it comes to tobacco and kids

...tobacco The National Center for Disease Control's tobacco site. Pat Mooney is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Savannah. You can e-mail him with suggestions for future columns at:
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Holidays bring depression for some

...year because people haven't had the time to deal with their emotions at Christmas. Margo Alexander, a licensed clinical social worker with the County of Riverside's Mental Health Department, agrees. "They will not even recognize the depression...
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Are lesbian athletes more accepted than gays?

...Lesbians are so invisible in our society. And so I think the hatred is more invisible," says Laura Grimes, a licensed clinical social worker in Chicago whose counseling practice caters to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender clients.Grimes says...
On the move

...joined the CSRA Regional Development Center Area Agency on Aging as a long term care specialist. She is a licensed clinical social worker with extensive experience in mental health and disability services. She will work with the agency's Disability...
Our legislators helped center

...successful. For this, I am grateful. Thank you. Patrick Waters, LCSWAugusta (Editor's note: The writer, a licensed clinical social worker, is behavioral health manager of the Community Mental Health Center of East Central Georgia.)
Demanding jobs require committed support team

...pulled off containers - and he can't find proof that he filled the prescriptions. SHE CALLS CHICO LAKE, a licensed clinical social worker who helps oversee his care, and puts Mr. Tae on the phone. Her face gets heavy as he begins to spill out...
Broken Faith

...elderly have to give up everything to go into a nursing home. That is quite difficult," said Mrs. Pope, a licensed clinical social worker. She supervises clinicians, provides individual and group therapy and other counseling apart from the nursing...
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